How to Increase Energy and Motivation Through Small Daily Habits

How to Increase Energy and Motivation - Woman up at sunrise
How to Increase Energy and Motivation - Woman up at sunrise

DO YOU SOMETIMES WAKE UP FEELING like doing nothing at all?

Do you find yourself lacking the motivation to do what you need to get done? Or you are probably motivated to tackle tasks, but you simply have zero energy. Many of us can relate to this.

There are times when you will feel wholly motivated and energetic, and you feel inspired to take on the world. There will also be times when you feel lousy, and you just want to do nothing.

Human beings are affected by feelings, emotions and other physiological factors, which consequently affect the energy levels. Even the most successful people in the world have times when they will feel tired and have no motivation.

Motivation and energy

Motivation is the desire that you have to do things. It is the difference between your getting up early and tackling your tasks head on and lazing around the house all day.

Motivation plays a crucial role in setting and attaining your goals. On the other hand, you can have all the motivation in the world, but without energy, you will never get anything done.

The good news is that there are numerous strategies that you can implement to give yourself an instant boost of energy and motivation.

Exercise daily

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your energy when you are feeling tired and slugging. Whether it is some time in the gym or going for a walk, regular exercise will do wonders for your energy levels, productivity and overall happiness.

Remember, you don’t get energy: you create energy

By simply moving your body, your tissues generate energy. A few minutes of exercise generate a boost in your hormones and neurotransmitters which make you feel more alive and motivated.

Research indicates that exercise increases your strength, improves your ability to focus and gives your greater health.

Optimize your sleep cycles

How to Increase Energy and Motivation - Woman sleeping at night time

If you are not getting enough hours of sleep, or you are not optimizing your sleep cycles, you will be sleep deprived. Just as there seems not be enough hours in the day to get everything done, it also seems that there are not enough hours in the night to get a full night rest. Some of the ways in which you can boost your energy using sleep include:

Sleeping in a completely dark room

The best way to get optimal energy from your sleep is to achieve total darkness. When you sleep in complete darkness, you can gain deeper sleep and give your brain the ability to rest and recover better.

Taking a power nap

Taking a power nap unleashes your brain’s natural energy. However, you have to nap for the right amount of time, at the right time of the day. Sleep expert Dr. Phylis Zee, of North Western University, recommends power naps of between 20 and 40 minutes between 1 pm and 3 pm.

Build a reserve

Catching up on sleep has been proven to reverse some of the effects of sleep deprivation. Getting some extra sleep over the weekend helps you to create a reserve of energy that your brain can tap into for energy within the week.

Boost your Dopamine levels

Dopamine is also known as the ‘motivation molecule’. It is one of the major neurotransmitters that is involved in productivity, motivation and focus. Dopamine also plays an essential role in memory, mood, sleep, learning, movement and attention.

  • Deficiency of Dopamine in the body leads to:
  • Forgetfulness
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Apathy
  • Lack of focus
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lower motivation
  • Low libido
  • Inability to complete tasks

There are many healthy proven ways to increase dopamine naturally.

Eating dopamine loaded foods. Dopamine boosting foods include:

  • Animal products (fish, eggs, poultry, dairy)
  • Avocadoes
  • Legumes
  • Chocolate
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Oils
  • Watermelon
  • Bananas

Also, you can boost your dopamine levels by using the following supplements:

  • L – Tyrosine
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Curcumin
  • L – Theanine

Drink more fluids

Dehydration can do irreparable damage to your body, including destroying your DNA. As a result, your brain and nervous system take dehydration very seriously. Even a slight drop in your normal fluid balance will cause headaches and fatigue. Remember, your tissues, cells and organs operate in a water medium. The murkier your body fluids are, the more you experience feelings of fatigue.

Drink as much water as you can as soon as you wake up. This will bring your water level back to the normal levels. Then, drink water throughout the day so that you don’t get dehydrated.

Boost crucial nutrients in your body

Your lack of energy could be a result shortage of critical nutrients. The foods you eat have a significant impact on your brain and motivation. The right foods will give you the nutrients that you need to increase your brainpower, motivation and productivity. According to the World Health Organization, the following super foods will help you improve your energy and motivation:

  • Salmon
  • Green tea
  • Berries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Brown rice   

Just get started

A study that was conducted by a Psychology researcher, Dr. John Bargh, says that before starting on a big project, your brain attempts to stimulate productive work by focusing on small mindless tasks. As such, you delay starting on the task, and then you start to feel nervous, ultimately losing your motivation.

However, when you get started anyway, you will be surprised to find that you will most likely work ‘till it’s done’. This is called the ‘Zeigarnik Effect’. Sometimes, you don’t need a particular thing to motivate you. You just need to get started, and your mind will become more focused and productive.


Your organization is very crucial in maintaining your energy and motivation. You must learn to manage your time properly. When you work on the highest priority tasks first, within your unique schedule, you will effortlessly maintain your motivation.

No matter how focused, motivated and energetic you are, it doesn’t matter if you are not working on the right things at the right time. Prioritize your tasks, tune out all distractions and give your full attention to the task at hand.   

How to Get What You Want in Life – A Quick Plan For Your Future

how to get what you want in life - couple on yacht enjoying the day
how to get what you want in life - couple on yacht enjoying the day

You want to transform your life…

You really want it. So much in fact, that you can’t stop thinking about it.

Yet, the more you think about what you want in life, the harder it seems to get hold of it.

What is it that you really want?

Deciding what you want sounds simple, but it isn’t.

Many people are overly busy and completely unfulfilled because they have not clearly mapped out what they want. They have been running on a treadmill going nowhere – fast.

Have you been:

  • ursuing jobs that you think could be the right fit?
  • Seeking relationships that you have not clearly figured out?
  • Going with the flow, allowing the breeze to take you where it wishes, following the herd?
  • Clear on what it is you want?

You cannot succeed in life if you go through daily motions, tackling unimportant tasks. If you do not identify specific goals that you want to achieve, you will end up going in circles. In the process, you will become uninspired, physically tired, spiritually drained, and far from where you should be.

Determining what you want in life takes a lot of contemplation and deep reflection. You will never get what you want until you can see your future with great clarity. It is a lot easier to get what you want when you know what it is.

How to get what you want?

Research indicates that the main reason why people are not where they want to be is that the human mind gives excuses, and many people accept them.

Once you have decided what you want, you must prioritize your goals and tasks over everything that can get in the way of your dreams.

Many people get fired up when they draw up their goals, but the fires are gone shortly after. Therefore, you must find what drives you to achieve your dreams. What do you want? Financial freedom? To live life on your terms? To not have anyone control your schedule? Use this as motivation to pursue what you want.

The brain is a goal-seeking organ. What you assign your unconscious mind, it will work day and night to achieve.

Focus on what you want

Pay attention to how you think about what you want. You must train your mind to think thoughts that are useful to your goal. Experts indicate that the human brain has over 70,000 thoughts every single day. However, many of these thoughts are negative, and they contribute significantly to sabotaging your success.

If you focus on being poor and never finding love, these are the thoughts that will dominate your mind. If you focus on happiness, success, and abundance, you will create mental pictures of things improving in your life. This will energize you and create the right environment for you to succeed in your actions.

The unconscious mind will allow you to have only what you believe you deserve. If you have a small view of yourself then what you deserve is poverty. And your unconscious will see to it that you get that actually….

Dr. David Hawkins

Believe you can get what you want

Before you can create anything in your life, you must first create it in your mind.

Scientists indicate that you respond to what your brain, based on your previous experiences, expects to happen next. Your mind is such a powerful instrument that can deliver literally everything that you want. However, you must believe that what you want is possible.

Possessing unwavering belief that you can achieve anything you want is an essential component of fulfilling your desires. Your conviction that you are destined to achieve something is a major determining factor in your ability to attain it.

How many times do you say, ‘I hope I can, and I might’ as opposed to, ‘I know I can, and, I will!’

You will find that many times, you doubt yourself. You live in a state of constant fear and anxiety, wondering if you will ever be good enough to fulfill your goals.

Instead of predicting what could go wrong and why you cannot do it, be your own gatekeeper. Trust yourself; have confidence and believe that you are connected to your higher power.

Invest in yourself

Part of attaining what you want is investing in yourself: developing rare and valuable skills.

When you invest in yourself, you will do incredible things. You must develop a craftsman’s mentality:  high quality skills and true mastery of what you do. When you develop valuable skills, it is then that you get yourself in a rare position to chart your own path.

So, start putting your efforts where your mouth is. A lot of time, money, and attention goes into developing mastery. Read books, take courses, pay for live mentoring. Eventually, you will effortlessly be able to work towards what you want.

Create an action plan

Achieving your goals requires you to take massive action on a consistent basis. Without a solid action plan, it becomes challenging to keep taking action on a daily basis and push through all the limitations that hold you back.

Think of an airplane, for instance. While the airplane has a goal: it knows where it is going, it must also have an action plan to get there. This is the flight plan. Without a flight plan, how would a pilot know how to get the airplane from point A to point B?

Create small milestones

The main reason why people give up on the pursuit of their goals is being too focused on the end game. For instance, setting out to create $20K of passive income a month and quit your job in the next four months may not be realistic if you are starting out.

If this is your only goal, you are likely to get frustrated quickly and give up. Why? Because, even if you are making progress, it is difficult to feel like you are since you don’t have milestones. Instead of focusing on one big lofty goal, create several little milestones so that four months from now, instead of seeing one unchecked box, you will have several checked ones.


Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do. Remind yourself this every day especially when you find yourself making excuses to not act on achieving your dreams and goals.

Execution also means that you have the discipline to forgo instant pleasure. It is easier to succumb to that one chocolate bar, it is tempting to press the snooze button instead of going for a jog; it will feel good to buy that gorgeous pair of shoes instead of saving the money – but only for an instant.

Deep down you know what is right. You must find your inner ability to get over yourself and your feelings and execute. When your drive to push through is intact, you will overcome every excuse; even the reason of not having enough time.

Magic is something you make

The possibilities of your life are endless. It is easy to carry the belief that your life is already mapped out of you. It is also easy to listen when other people tell you what you can and cannot do. The concept of gratefulness has been misused: the society wants you to settle for what you have and be grateful for it.

The truth, however, is that you should define what success means to you and go after it. You should not conform to the status quo. Think about what you want, not about what society wants you to have. There is only one you on this plant. Take advantage of that.

Establish what you want and go for it

There is only one person who is responsible for the quality of life you live, and that person is you.

You are responsible for your own happiness. The life you live is a result of your doing or not doing. If you want to achieve your dreams, you must take responsibility for the thoughts you think, the images you visualize and the actions you take.

Do not waste time and energy complaining and blaming. It is about you. Take 100% responsibility of achieving what you want.

4 Famous Mottos & Why Everyone Needs a Motto to Live By

Mottos to live by - a coat of arms


Long ones and short ones. Witty ones and dull ones.

Some are grammatically correct while some break all the rules of language. Some have been around for many years while others hardly see the light of day.

Why are mottos so important?

A motto helps to set the organization apart from its competitors. It represents the set of beliefs that best describe the organization and outlines the image that it wishes to project to the public. A good motto fuses business promises with customers’ perceptions. It communicates the organization’s unique benefits.

The aim of developing a motto is reinforcing the identity and reputation of a brand. Every organization wants to be perceived positively by customers: innovative, trustworthy, committed to service, and transformative.

Here is:

  • who we are
  • how we are different
  • what you will get from us

This is what a motto is.

The stories behind famous institutions’ and sports clubs’ mottos.

When mottos are carefully crafted, they convey a brand’s essential characteristics. A useful motto is tattooed on the prime real estate of the customer’s subconscious. It activates preference for your brand when the consumers are ready to buy.

motto to live by - FC Barcelona's motto

F.C Barcelona: ‘Mes que un club’.  More than a club.

Founded as Football Club Barcelona in 1899, the club is a symbol of Catalonian culture and Catalanism.

The motto represents the pride of being a Catalan in a country that was ruled by a Fascist who tried to eliminate the culture for years. During the Franco regime, FC Barcelona became an essential symbol of the Catalan pride and identity.

The motto ‘More than a club’ therefore expresses the significance of the club beyond sports. It is one of the greatest ambassadors of the Catalonian culture.

The club is seen by many people as a symbol for people’s democratic rights and freedom. The expression has been used over the years to describe other attributes of the Club’s uniqueness:

  • The club’s dedication to social causes
  • The fact that the club competes in several different sports outside of football
  • The club as a vehicle for many charity programs: ACNUR, UNICEF, and UNESCO.
  • The club as a global icon


The FC Barcelona is the second largest sports club in the world.

nike factory store - just do it - motto to live by

NIKE: ‘Just do it’

‘Just Do it’ came from an unlikely source.

In 1988, Gary Gilmore was a Portland native criminal. At one point, he murdered a man and a woman in Utah. He was sent to jail and was sentenced to death. When he was brought before the firing squad, he was asked whether he had any final thoughts. His reply was, ‘Let’s just do it’.

Dan Wieden, the co-founder of Wieden & Kennedy; the agency in charge of Nike’s advertising campaign, thought the statement was a fitting motto. He did not like ‘Let’s just do it’, so he changed it to ‘Just do it’.

The motto quickly spread throughout the world and became an inspirational message for all areas of life: entertainment, sports, tolerance, health, and fitness. ‘Just do it’ has been described as the best motto of the 20th century by Campaign Magazine.

Facts about Nike:

The word ‘Nike’ is taken from an Ancient Greek mythology. ‘Nike’ was a goddess who symbolized victory.

According to the myth, the goddess influenced countless brave warriors. The brand ‘Nike’ is therefore associated with the mythological attributes of the goddess: victory, flight, speed, power, and motivation

Motto to live by - Apple

Apple: Think Different

‘Think different’ was created in 1997. Steve Jobs, co-founder Apple Computer, returned to the company to become the interim Chief Executive Officer. The company was in a crisis. Its market share had plummeted from 14 percent to below 3%.

Jobs was determined to address the problems at the company. He contacted Chit / Day advertising agency to come up with an advertising campaign. They wanted to create something revolutionary, different and unprecedented. After long hours of brainstorming, they came up with the idea of ‘Think different’.

The campaign kicked off with the motto accompanied by black and white images of visionary thinkers of all time:

  • Albert Einstein,
  • Martin Luther King. Jr
  • Bob Dylan
  • Thomas Edison
  • John Lennon
  • Richard Branson
  • R. Buckminster Fuller
  • Ted Turner
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Martha Graham
  • Jim Henson
  • Maria Callas

Over the years, more personalities have been used on the posters.

The motto seeks to pass the message that creative people with a passion can change the world for the better. It celebrates the soul of the Apple brand.

Facts about Apple:

  • Apple earns $300,000 per minute.
  • Apple is worth $118.9 Billion. It is the most valuable brand in the world.
  • Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.

McDonald’s: “I’m lovin’ it.”

In 2003, McDonald’s posted its first ever loss. The chain hired Larry Light to revamp its marketing.

Larry hired Heye & Partner, an agency from a small town in Germany. The agency settled on the jingle ‘I’m lovin’ it’, and Justin Timberlake was paid $6 million to sing it.

The Campaign appeared in 120 countries; in more than 20 languages. ‘I’m lovin’ it’ appeals to people of all age and nationalities. It endears people to the brand.

Facts about McDonald’s:

  • McDonald’s opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours
  • The queen of England owns a McDonald’s near Buckingham Palace

In short…

As you can see, there are real stories behind all the incredible mottos that are around us. Also, the phrases may be short, but that does not in any way reflect the amount of work and time that goes into their creation.

It takes a lot of creativity and effort to come up with an effective motto. We hope these stories will inspire you to create an incredible motto for yourself or your business when the time comes.

5 Things You Need To Remember When Manifesting Money and Other Luxury Items in Your Life

Manifesting money - girl saving money

Manifesting money - girl saving money


Are you manifesting wealth the right way?

Many of us are frustrated and on the brink of despair because we have not been able to create wealth despite our best efforts. The common problem is that most of us labor without engaging the power of our minds

Remember, you are living in an energy field; a potential field for realizing your dreams. That field is lit up by the strongest emotions and thoughts that you carry. Your dominant emotions unleash the law of attraction in your life.

Whatever you think about: happiness or misery, love or loneliness, wealth or poverty: the universe will undoubtedly deliver to you.

Where you are in your life financially right now is a result of all the thoughts you have had about money in your life

Those of us who have discovered the law of attraction know that we are responsible for the wealth that comes to us: and that we can also block wealth from our lives.

It is possible to attract enormous wealth by adjusting our thoughts to the provision of the universe. If manifesting wealth is one of your goals, you can tap the power of the universe to make your financial dreams come true.

Five things you need to remember when manifesting money and luxury items in your life

The riches they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of the vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadfastness of their faith and the depth of their gratitude. Wallace O. Wattle

1. You must align your beliefs

Many of us have limiting beliefs that block our financial prosperity. Sometimes, these beliefs are so powerful that they will control our thoughts and emotions, essentially attracting lack and poverty:

  • Some of us believe that we must struggle to succeed.
  • Others think that they are not good enough to be wealthy.
  • Still, some of us were socialized to believe that money is a limited resource.
  • Have you come across people who say that it is selfish to want money?

These kinds of negative beliefs sabotage our efforts to acquire wealth.

Remember, you will always manifest the thoughts that dominate your mind. You must never forget that the universe is faithful, it will echo whatever you think and affirm. Harboring negative thoughts is, therefore, poking holes in your wallet!

2. Rest assured that the universe will never say no!

Jim Carrey, a famous Canadian American actor, was once struggling, trying to make a break in Hollywood. The story goes that once upon a time, he was on the verge of giving up his dream after he was booed off the stage at an open mic session in an LA nightclub.

Jim sat alone at the top Mulholland Drive contemplating the direction of his career. He pulled out his checkbook and wrote himself a check for a massive 10 million dollars and wrote on it, “For acting services rendered.” From that day, he carried the check in his wallet wherever he went.

In 1995, after the success of several blockbuster movies, his contract price had risen to 20 million dollars. Need we say any more!

When you know that the universe has got your back, you will banish the energy of doubt and fear. You will know without any shred of doubt that you are living in your desired manifestation regardless of what is happening around you. In due time, the universe will catch up with your energy and your dreams will become a reality.

The universe will never fail you: your thoughts will always translate into your reality.

3. Remember to have an attitude of gratitude

Everything in our lives happens in our minds before it manifests in the physical. One of the greatest secrets to manifesting wealth is to believe that you have already acquired it. Thank the universe for wealth and luxury before they manifest.

Being grateful removes all resistance and makes it easier for wealth to flow into your current reality with ease. The universe loves an attitude of gratitude.

Acknowledging all the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. – Eckhart Tolle.

Showing gratitude also means taking care of the money you already have. Spending the money that you have carefully and taking care of the possessions under your care will make room for more abundance to manifest.

If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey

Manifesting money - girl saving boyfriend climbing up a rock

4. Remember to commit random acts of money kindness.

Giving to someone who is needy boosts our happiness and distracts us from negative thoughts about money. This raises our vibrations about wealth, increasing the likelihood of manifesting prosperity.

For it is in giving that we receive. – Francis of Asisi.

When you commit random acts of kindness, the energy will bounce back to you. Giving is such a feel-good exercise that will tune your energy of sufficient flow. Giving is sending a message to the universe that you have more than enough.

The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own. – Lao Tzu.   

Do not hoard money unnecessarily. Hoarding money signals to yourself and the universe that you are poor. You will only have yourself to blame if the universe dutifully obliges and ensures that you remain in that state.

5. Remember to leverage the power of affirmations

Your words have the power to renew your mind by eradicating wrong ideas and instilling the right ones.

Positive affirmations change the focus of our thoughts from the undesired outcomes: poverty, lack, struggling; to the desired outcomes: wealth, abundance and prosperity. We can program our minds by choosing to affirm certain phrases and beliefs.

I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me. I am open and receptive to all wealth that life offers me.

Positive wealth affirmations will help you to create a healthy inner dialogue and the right environment to receive abundance.

Now its your turn

None of us is predestined to a life of hardship and lack. We are responsible for how much wealth we accumulate. With so much abundance in the universe, how could you not enjoy all the wealth that surrounds you?

To help manifesting money in your life, be excited about wealth, and be grateful for what you already have.

Rejoice in the knowledge that the universe is a bank that holds unlimited wealth for you. After you have done all that, do not forget to position yourself to receive abundance by using the power of positive affirmations.

The 4 Rules Successful Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Use To Stick With Their Personal Long Term Goals

Person hiking across snow analagy for sticking with personal long term goals

Person hiking across snow analagy for sticking with personal long term goals

THE NATURE OF LIFE IS THAT we live short-term and work towards long-term.

Unfortunately, the short-term is full of obstacles that steal our focus from the long-term. Goals help us to maneuver past the short-term challenges. Goals are essential because they provide a long-term vision for our lives.

Long-term is just a series of short terms

Most successful people confess that they have learned to leverage the power of goal setting. In a world full of distractions and a myriad of issues that compete for our attention, goals help us to silence the background noise and fix our eyes on the big picture. Here are some long-term personal goals that successful people value.

People hiking across mountain - analogy for sticking together helps with personal long term goals

Rule number one: Always surround yourself with the right people

Staying steady in the chase of your dreams demands for moral and psychological stamina. It calls for skills and resources that no single person possesses. Therefore, in the pursuit of personal success, you will need people to help you prevail over obstacles. Keep in touch with family, friends and successful people who can encourage and support you.

These relationships will not only keep you balanced, but they might also open up some exciting opportunities. As you socialize; you also network.

Many successful people value friendships and partnerships. Here are a few famous ones to help get the point across…

  • Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard – HP
  • Sergey Brin, and Larry Page – Google
  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen – Microsoft

Not only is being in business with the right people important, it is also important to surround your personal life with the right people. And if they are the right people, then make time and give attention to them.

Here are some pointers before we jump to the next topic…

  • As you set your long-term goals, factor in time for family events.
  • Always make a point of connecting with like-minded individuals.
  • Join virtual communities and meet up groups to help meet likeminded people.
  • Plug into business associations around you.

Rule number two: Mind your health

Research shows that there is a positive correlation between good health and productivity. Many successful people know that they need to take care of themselves. Self-care is a way of life.

There’s nothing more important than our good health: that is our principal capital asset.     Arlen Specter

All successful people keep extremely busy schedules but almost all of them also exercise, even hiring personal trainers. Your health is the most important single thing you have, and it is entirely dependent on your daily habits.

  • Working out even for a few minutes will take the edge off a busy day and energize you.
  • Have some few moments of introspection and meditation each day. Annie Lawless, a New York Times bestseller, says that a few minutes of meditation in the morning help her plan her day and sharpen her focus.

In the moment of solitude, we find the most significant moments of creativity

  • Make your alternative passions a priority. This will help to clear your mind and decompress. Many successful people indicate that they have solved some of their toughest problems swimming or when out on a run.
  • Loosen and have a good laugh every day. Robby Sorensen, the CEO of Finger Puppets Inc., indicates that we can handle anything if only we can find a way to laugh aloud every day.
  • Be kind to yourself: stop judging, blaming or expecting too much from yourself. You are only human. All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough!
  • Forgive yourself every day. Do not hold on to the mistakes of the past; they do not shape your future.
  • Watch your diet and eat the right proportions.

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in. – Jim Rohn

Rule number three: spend time sharing yourself

It is in giving that we receive – Francis of Assisi.

Many entrepreneurs and other successful people are generous with their money and time. The more you give, the more you get in return. Adam Grant, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, ‘Give and Take’, indicates that people who give achieve extraordinary results across industries.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up – John Holmes

Fun fact: In a study, givers scored 12% higher in the intelligent test than other people.

Look at the list of 20 most generous people in the world, topped by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Azim Premji, and Charles Francis Feeney. What do these people have in common? If this does not motivate you to be generous, nothing will.

Rule number four: Take risks

Successful people despise the comfort zone. Life will become boring and lack fulfillment if you stay in one place, mentally and physically. Taking risks teaches you to become adaptive and grow in countless ways.

Ditch your comfort zone and do something that you have always desired to do:

  • Leave your job
  • Enter a new field
  • Start a new business
  • End an unfulfilling relationship

You must learn to harness your confidence and believe in your abilities. This is the fuel you need to achieve things that you did not think were possible.

I like thinking big. If you are going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.    Donald Trump

There is no goal that we will ever achieve without taking a risk. The most successful people are not afraid to try new things and take risks. Not taking risk is a risk in itself!

Raaji Nemani CEO and co-founder of BucketFeet says that if he had not left his comfort zone, he would never have met his partner and the company would never exist. While risks do not always work out, they will pay off with a lesson. But when they do, you will be forever grateful that you faced the fear.

  • Musicians record and release songs without knowing how they will be received.
  • Producers invest massive amounts of money to produce movies without any assurance that they will be a success
  • Entrepreneurs start businesses without an end in sight.
  • We turn our lives inside out to get married armed only with the hope that it will all work out
  • We conceive and carry pregnancies for nine months without truly knowing what it is we carry

You sometimes have to take big risks – Bill Gates

The final goal

We can learn from wolves how to howl, from the eagle we will learn how to fly, and from highly successful people we can learn which long-term goals are essential in our lives.

Many of our idols were not born successful. They started by setting goals and pursuing them relentlessly. Being successful does not happen overnight, we can all start small, set essential long-term goals and more towards a fulfilling life.

Thanks for reading this article on how to stick with your personal long term goals. If you want more help sticking with your goals then here is an article on affirmations, which can help keep you motivated.

15 SMART Goals Examples – Including 3 Easy to Follow Templates

SMART goals examples - goals on post-it notes

These post-it note goals are not good SMART goals examples

DID YOU KNOW we set and achieve immeasurable goals throughout the day?

  • How we conduct our relationships.
  • What we want to accomplish at work.
  • How to engage our spare time

Goal setting is a central aspect of our lives. For some of us, it is a conscious process, but for others, it is an unconscious act that lacks purpose and direction.

Goals are dreams with deadlines

Without setting goals, our lives become series of random happenings that we have no control over. We become the unfortunate playthings of coincidences.

Setting goals bring us some extraordinary benefits. Goals help us to eliminate procrastination and laziness, the two biggest culprits of sabotaging our progress. When we set goals, we provide ourselves with more certainty and clarity as we pursue our desired objectives. Having goals in place increases our passion and motivation.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a purpose, not to people or things. –  Albert Einstein

However, not all goals are created equal. While all goals will be beneficial to some extent, there are disadvantages to formulating regular goals. Firstly, they are likely to be arbitrary, meaning that even when we have achieved them, they may not significantly benefit our lives. Again, we may be upbeat about setting goals that are genuinely not achievable.

Goals that are not well thought out are also likely to be difficult to measure. We will never be sure whether or not we are making any progress. And what can I say about goals that are not time bound? Such goals end up in a state of limbo; we never really abandon them, yet we do not achieve them.

Enter SMART goals

SMART goals address all the pitfalls associated with regular goals. SMART goals focus our attention and resources on what is most important so that we can achieve the maximum possible benefit. When we set SMART goals, we save time and energy and make the process of attaining goals much more productive and efficient.

Compare the following goals:

(and while comparing decide which goal in each of the pairs is more likely to be achieved?)


I will get fit.

I will eat two healthy meals per day and go to the gym five times per week for 1 hour.


I want to save $1,000 by the end of this year.

I will have $40 per paycheck automatically transferred to my savings account for one year.


I want to find the love of my life this year.

I will participate in activities and groups for single people near me for three nights every week this year.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. –  Larry Elder

How to formulate your SMART goals

Setting SMART goals makes us think about our goals before we embark on achieving them. If we dive right into a goal without a degree of forethought and planning, we are doomed to fail right from the start. For your goals to be efficient, they must have the following attributes.


When setting a goal, it should be apparent in your mind what you want to accomplish. Answering the following WH – questions is a start to making your goal specific.

  • Who needs to be involved in achieving the goal?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • What is the reason for the goal?

M – Measurable

You cannot say you have a good goal when you have no way of telling whether you have achieved it or not.

  • Is the goal quantifiable?
  • How will you know when it is achieved?

A – Achievable

Your goal should motivate you, not discourage you. When you set a goal that is unattainable, you are guilty of sabotaging yourself.

  • Do you have the resources to achieve your goals?
  • Do you have the motivation?
  • Do you have the skills needed?

R – Relevant

You will be motivated to achieve your goal if it truly matters to you. The best strategy is to ensure the goal aligns with other relevant goals.

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Is this goal a priority for me?
  • How will it compete with different goals in my life?

T – Time-bound

Goals that lack realistic timing will not succeed. It is always prudent to provide a target date for deliverables.

  • Do I have a deadline?
  • Have I put it on the calendar?

SMART goals examples

  • I will update the employee handbook to include a searchable intranet version that is easy to use by 30th September.
  • I will read five extra books about managing projects by August 31st.
  • I want to drop 20 pounds by December by implementing the 52 Week Clean Eating Habit challenge.
  • I want to establish myself as a social media expert. I will write a 150 page e-book on social media; one chapter per month. I intend to complete the book in ten months. I will then self-publish.
  • I want to acquire three new clients for my business by end of July. I will ask for referrals, launch a social media marketing campaign and network with local businesses.
  • I want to create a new website for my business by 30th of July. I will utilize a website development company to build the site and create a payment interface.
  • I will present a minimum of two breakfast seminars per quarter for the next one year to boost my confidence and improve my presentation skills.
  • I will read one book every month. I hope to read 12 books by the end of the year.
  • Every evening, I will play with my children for 20 minutes, then read them a story before bed.
  • I will write 500 words per day for my 50 pages e-book on Landscaping. I will complete the e-book by December.
  • I will exercise for 20 minutes, four times a week to increase my strength and stamina.
  • Every Wednesday evening, I will do something romantic for my partner.
  • I will donate blood every three months for the next one year.
  • Every weekday evening, I will meditate for 15minutes.
  • I will have 200 items listed on eBay by the end of July.

Here are some templates that you can use to write your SMART Goals



Initial goal (put down what is in your mind)

Specific (what do I hope to accomplish? Who else will be involved?)

Measurable (how will I measure progress? How will I know that I have achieved my goal?)

Achievable (Do I have the skills necessary to achieve this goal? How can I attain them?)

Relevant (How will achieving this goal improve my life?)

Time-bound (What is the deadline for achieving this goal?) 

SMART GOAL: Review the above information and craft a new statement based on the answers to the questions above



What do I want to achieve? Who?




How much?

How often?

How many times?

Which skills do I have or need to pursue this goal? Is it important?

How does it tie to my overall life’s purpose?





How will I do it?

What? When? Where?


How will I measure it?

How much? How many?


Is this something I can do?


Is this something I am excited to do?


When will I do this?

When is the deadline?

Staying on track

Here are an additional three things you can ask yourself to help you stay on track for when the going gets tough.

  • The names of the people I can ask for support 
  • What are the things that may make it difficult for me to achieve my goal?
  • Which are some of the ways I can manage these difficulties?

In Summary

If you desire to achieve a massive goal in your own life, apply the SMART concept and watch what happens. You may just be pleasantly surprised to find that the big scary goal is not that scary after all. Again, you might find that a goal you have attempted and failed at in the past is actually quite achievable.

Go on and try and tell us what happens. Good luck! You have got this!

If you have any questions or queries with these SMART goals examples then you can contact me here.

11 Powerful Affirmations for Women Taken From Some of History’s Greatest Women

Affirmations for women - Woman succeeding and celebrating

Affirmations for women - Woman succeeding and celebrating

THE WORLD HAS BEEN GRACED BY many hugely successful women from a wide variety of industries: Science, politics, fashion, education, entertainment, sports…name it. Throughout the centuries, women have defied many odds and blazed trails, shattered glass ceilings and broken records.

Common qualities

One quality that these successful women have in common is their ability to rise above difficult and negative situations. They do not complain and they do not lament. They are optimistic; always looking on the positive side of things.

These successful women go one step further; they have learnt to create their own world. They do not accept what is handed to them. They harness their thoughts and create the world that they desire.

My life did not please me. So, I created my life. – Coco Chanel

The rest of us look at these successful women: Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Gandhi, Christiane Amanpour, Cristina Fernandez, Aung San Suui Kyi, Mary McAleese, Mia Farrow, Barbara Walters, J.K Rowling among many others and  admire them. We also wonder how they excelled despite incredible hardships.

It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us. – J. K. Rowling

What can hinder success

However, women must believe in their ability to succeed. For the longest time, many have listened to the negative voices that have said we are less visionary, less dependable and less competitive. What is more, we have internalized these messages:

  • Many of women feel like they don’t do enough or matter enough.
  • Women are less likely than men to jump at opportunities for professional advancement
  • Women perceive professional power as less desirable than men do.
  • Research shows that even though women have more overall life goals as compared to men, they are less likely to strive for powerful jobs and are more likely to anticipate adverse outcomes from a potential promotion.
  • Women don’t give themselves the credit they deserve. When women communicate their achievements, it is seen as bragging. Women have learned to dull their shine since they have lost confidence to sell themselves.

We need to replace the negative voices with positive affirmations. Affirmations can rewrite our brains and improve our energy.

Affirmations for women - woman thinking about her work

Life stems from your thoughts

We have to be careful with our thoughts and words. As women, we should only think those thoughts which work towards our benefit and cultivate our highest good. Affirmation will purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we manifest our worth and attract what we deserve.

11 affirmations for women adapted from famous and powerful women

Many women have defied the odds and done exceptionally well in their various field. These women are incredible role models to many of us who feel as if we come into the world with the odds already stack against us. We hope these affirmations from inspirational women will inspire you to pursue your dreams.


Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stone to greatness. – Oprah Winfrey (Business Mogul/Philanthropist)


When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often, we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which been opened for us. – Hellen Keller (Author/ political activist)


Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt (First lady of the US)


Don’t be intimated by what you do not know. That can be your greatest strength. – Sarah Blakely (founder of spanx/ World’s youngest female billionaire)


I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. – Audrey Hepburn (Actress)


I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘wow,’ I’m not sure I can do this, and you push through these moments; that’s when you have the break through. – Marissa Meyer (CEO of Yahoo)


Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. – Mother Theresa (philanthropist/charity worker)


The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. – Ayn Rand (Novelist/philosopher)


I am fearless; I don’t complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on. – Sofia Vergara (Entrepreneur/actress)


Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it. – Diane Sawyer (ABC/ World news / Disney)


I learned always to take on things I had never done before. Growth and comfort do not co-exist.  – Virginia Rometty (CEO of IBM)

Now it’s your turn…

If these women excelled, you too can. Look at their attitudes! Look at their beliefs! None of them said ‘I can’t! Whatever you say, the universe will endow you with the abilities to do just that.

Click here if you are looking for more affirmation information.

21 Positive Affirmations for Work and a Fulfilling Career

Positive Affirmations for Work - Two people enjoying their work

Positive Affirmations for Work - Two people enjoying their work

DID YOU KNOW THAT 1/3 OF YOUR LIFE is spent at work?

Research shows that the average person will spend 91,250 hours working over a lifetime. We can therefore confidentially determine that careers make a significant impact on the quality of our lives. Finding success in our career is consequently essential to all of us.

Work can be an avenue to success or a roadblock to our dreams.

Unfortunately, not many of us can confess to enjoying their work. Consider the following facts:

  • 80% of people are disturbed about their jobs
  • 25% of employees indicate that work is their primary source of stress
  • 40% of employees say that their jobs are very or extremely stressful.
  • 21% of employees say that they cannot take a vacation for work-related reasons

It is no secret that most of us are working in jobs we do not like.

The Hallmark of a Fulfilling Job

There are five main attributes of an enjoyable job.

The challenge

A hundred percent of people who confess to loving their jobs cite the challenge of their work as the biggest reason they enjoy what they do. A magnificent job provides variety, allows you to solve problems and puts your skills to good use every day.

Great Bosses

You will never find work a pleasure if you cannot stand your boss. A good boss is a cheerleader, a teacher, an excellent communicator and an enabler.

Great co-workers

People are social beings. Many people who love their jobs feel like they are part of a team with a group of people with whom they are working towards the same goal. A good job provides efficient mechanisms for resolving conflicts and creates opportunities for coworkers to learn from each other. We spend a lot of time at work. Workplace friendships are therefore crucial for our productivity.

Work that matters

All of us thrive when we feel that the work we do makes a difference. We may not save the world, but a fulfilling job allows us to feel that we have improved the world in some way.

The salary

All people excel when they feel recognized. The salary is one way in which organizations appreciate their employees’ efforts. Consider the following statistics:

  • 63% of workers paid over $50,000 say they love their jobs.
  • 21% of workers paid under $50,000 say they dislike their jobs
  • 61% of employees think pay is significant to job satisfaction.

When you love your job, it does not feel like work

How to Attract Your Dream Job

The ability to succeed and find opportunities at work is our responsibility. You are in your current job because of your past beliefs. (Sorry, but the truth will set you free). You drew your current job to yourself by your thinking.

Some of us are struggling with joblessness, and we believe it is hard to get a job. Please do not think that it is hard to get a job. That may be the case with others, but it does not have to be your reality. You only need one job, and your consciousness will open the pathway for you if you believe. Do not have faith in fear.

Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal: Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. – Thomas Jefferson

If you are already a working professional, you can transform your workplace into the job that you desire. You only need to change your thinking. Do not be cynical about your current job. If you want to enjoy your work, begin by changing your thoughts about every person and thing in the workplace.

Affirm that your job is great and it is only a stepping stone to a greater position. This will create a loving atmosphere within you, and the entire workplace will respond to it. Remember what you give comes back multiplied: appreciation, respect, and love.

Knowledge, hard work, and planning are all important. However, the right mental attitude is far more important. Affirmation is a magical tool to create the right energy to attract your dream job. Affirmation will help your manifest everything you want in your dream job: work profile, growth prospect, bosses, environment, salary, teammates, etc.

21 Positive Affirmations for Work and a Fulfilling Career

  1. The joy I find in my career is reflected in my overall happiness
  2. I now do work I love, and I am well paid for it. The perfect job is looking for me, and we are being brought together now.
  3. There is no competition on the spiritual plane. What is mine is given under grace.
  4. I am appreciated and well compensated wherever I work
  5. I always work for wonderful bosses
  6. My workspace is a pleasure to be in there is mutual respect among coworkers
  7. I am opening my consciousness to a greater prosperity and part of that prosperity is an increased salary
  8. My job allows me to express my talents and abilities and I am grateful for this employment
  9. When it is time for a new job the perfect position presents itself to me easily
  10. I love my career, and I amaze people with my exceptional results
  11. I deserve to have this exciting, rewarding career. It is so much fun.
  12. I am manifesting my dream job
  13. My stress level is continually decreasing as I work smarter
  14. I am attracting only positive income at my new job
  15. I can balance my career with my family life so that both are in harmony with each other
  16. I am valued at my workplace my voice is always heard respectfully
  17. I have a great relationship with my colleagues as well as my boss
  18. My work ethic ensures that I get regular promotions and monetary incentives
  19. I am at ease speaking in front of others. I have confidence in myself.
  20. My boss appreciates my work and helps me grow
  21. There is a huge demand for my particular skills at work

Using the Affirmations

Use these affirmations to transform your job. No more complaining and lamenting. Expressing gratitude for what you have now can lift you to a better position faster than a negative attitude will.

I am successful in all that I do. I am inspired and productive. I serve others willingly and gladly. Divine harmony reigns supreme within and around me and within and around each and every person in my work place.

The Final Word

Spending our days doing a job that we feel is fulfilling is a drive that greatly motivates us. Once we are there life is great, but getting there can be tricky. The trick is to spend time clarifying exactly what you want.

I learned how to clarify what I wanted with this program. The information and exercises really helped steer me to do what I love (which is educating) and gave me the confidence to make it happen.

Once you find what you want, using techniques like daily affirmations will help focus you and get you there. Skipping over the clarification stage can cost you time so i really suggest you do it thoroughly.

Anyhow thanks for reading my article on positive affirmations for work. If you’d like more information or want to ask a question you can do so here.

“Don’t Tell Us What To Do” – A Lesson in Behavior Change from Government-Imposed Warning Labels

Dont tell us what to do - crowd covering ears

Dont tell us what to do - crowd covering ears

“Why everything that supposed to be bad, make me feel so good?”Kanye West

We all know what is good for us but we keep indulging in harmful behavior: we smoke, we drink excessively, we sleep with our ex, we have an affair, we relapse into drugs, we get that stupid tattoo, and we send the angry, heat of the moment email against our better judgment. We watch ourselves do things we know we will regret even as our conscience screams Nooo!

“To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a person want to go and do that very thing.” – Mark Twain

It gets worse when another person attempts to correct us. Let us get real, our problem is not lack of information. We have plenty of information, but information does not change our behavior.

“For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do, I do.” – Romans 7:19

Cigarette Warning Labels in a German Shop
Cigarette Warning Labels in a German Shop

Cigarette pack warnings

Take cigarette smoking for instance. Despite all the incriminating evidence about tobacco, we continue to burn those butts. In fact, it makes no difference that information on the effects of smoking is placed right on the cigarette pack. WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control requires that cigarette packaging incorporate warning messages to create awareness about the effects of smoking.

However, research shows that smokers ignore these health warnings. Even with the introduction of the health warnings, tobacco firms have continued to enjoy a significant increase in sales:

For instance, at the height of the awareness campaign on effects of smoking in 2008, Sterling’s Market share increased from 5% to 6.1% in four months. A few years later, Benson and Hedges Silver introduced a new slide pack which boosted their sales by 25% in six months and a further 32.5% within a year.

At some point, it was clear that adorning cigarette packaging with warning information was not doing anything in the fight against cigarette smoking.

Enter Graphic Warning Labels

In 2012, Australia introduced new packaging regulations for cigarettes. Other countries are said to be taking steps: Canada, France, Singapore, South Africa, amongst others.

  • No branding of the cigarette packs
  • Plain packaging
  • Confronting photos of smoking-related illnesses.

The results

Research shows that graphic images on cigarette packs do not scare away smokers:

  • Some smokers were angry with the warnings, feeling as if someone was trying to manipulate them; and being too much in their business.
  • Other smokers were found to buy and use slipcovers that come with the package. This way, they avoid seeing the images, regain some degree of control and carry on with their smoking. Some smokers even emptied the cigarettes in a separate container or covered the packets with stickers.
  • Yet, another study showed that smokers distorted the messages on the packs. Some male smokers would be seen selecting packets with health warnings related to pregnancy; while those with eye problems avoided the packs with warnings concerning eyes. It is as if the cigarettes in specific packets had different characteristics.
  • The most adverse finding was pregnant teenagers who smoked to reduce the weight of their unborn babies. They knew the effect the cigarettes would have on their bodies and their unborn babies: they wanted the effect.

Why don’t Graphic Labels work

One study showed that the main reason why the graphic warning labels do not work is that many of the smokers view them as a threat to their autonomy, freedom and choice. Generally, the human being is wired to resist ideas which he thinks are being imposed on him.

“We are striving after what is forbidden, and coveting what is denied to us.” – Ovid.

In fact, the graphic warning labels might just achieve the opposite reaction. The more the smokers perceive that their freedom is being threatened, the more they are attracted to carrying out the threatened behavior (smoking) to assert their independence. The images are seen to depict the government and other bodies which the smokers feel are trying to control them.

“Forbidden things have a secret charm.”Publus Cornelius Tacitus

What do these findings imply?

According to psychology, what is forbidden is always attractive. We are given to reactance. Reactance is motivation to indulge in things, rules, and offers that threaten our choices or limit our alternatives.

As a result, we strengthen a behavior or attitude that is contrary to what is expected. We indulge in prohibited behavior to not only taunt the prohibiting authority but also to prevent loss of further freedom. Indeed, when our choices are threatened, we become motivationally aroused.

“He did not want the apple for Apple’s sake. He wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent. Then, he would have eaten the serpent.” – Mark Twain.

Interesting research  – 2 studies on warnings and how to move towards what we really want

Study 1 – What Warnings Typically Do

Daniel Wegner, a University of Virginia psychologist, conducted the following research:

He put people in a room and installed a tape recorder. The then asked the participants to say out loud whatever came to mind with one caveat; they were not to think about a white bear.

Interestingly, the participants mentioned the bear about once a minute, despite having been told not to think about it. The participants said that they would try all sorts of tricks, but the bear kept sneaking back.

“One should never forbid what one lacks power to prevent.”Napoleon Bonaparte

Study 2 – Deprivation leads to obsession

A study showed that when people were semi starved, they thought about food every minute of the day. Long after the experiment, the participants reported that food became central to their lives. Even when they had enough to eat, they still felt so hungry they could not eat enough.

Any time somebody attempts to prevent us from enjoying something, one of the following happens:

  • We want it more
  • We rebel by reasserting our freedom
  • We get angry at the person curtailing our freedom.

So, do not be too hard on me or condemn me when you see me picking the wrong partner over and over again, when I spend on things that I do not need, when I neglect my body, when I reach for one more drink, or when I procrastinate.

After all, the bad decisions we make can be good for us. They help us to learn from our mistakes. Indeed, they can be the driving force behind those changes that we badly need to make our lives better.

What these 2 studies mean for the rest of us

To summarise the above two studies in one sentence…

It is what we focus on that makes the difference.

Because it’s what we focus on that is what we move towards. These studies put people in situations where they were almost made to focus on what something in particular (the bear and food).

So what should you be focusing on?

Are you focusing on the right things to bring love into your life? or are you unsure of what exactly to focus on. If you are unsure you can use habits to discover what to focus on and how to change your life for the better.

What Matters

What matters is that we keep trying to become better people every day. I wish you well as you seek to live a more fulfilling life. I have to go now. I want to eat that last cookie because I will finally start eating healthy tomorrow. I promise!

You can contact me here at

How to Change Your Life in 7 Days – A 7 Day Success Habit Setting Guide

A New Day a New Start in Your Life - How to Change Your Life in 7 Days

A New Day a New Start in Your Life - How to Change Your Life in 7 Days

CAN  YOU CHANGE YOUR life in seven days? Absolutely! Many of us can point a time when our lives changed instantly.

Maybe we had a child or a new addition to the family, moved into a new home, started a new job, bought a new car or we made a monumental decision that transformed our lives.

How Much of A Difference Can You Make?

You see, the changes that impact our lives the most are changes in the way we see the world. Not changes in the world itself. And we can change the way we perceive the world in an instant.

Sometimes even a small change can make a massive difference. The world leading hypnotist Paul McKenna gives the following illustration:

“Imagine you and a friend are walking along two parallel, straight roads, stretching side by side into the infinite distance. Now, imagine that at some point the roads shift from each other just a tiny bit. At first, the difference is not even noticeable. However, over time, that small change in direction will take the two of you to completely different destinations.”

If you commit to making tiny changes every day, over a period, you will be surprised at how far you have come and just how much you have changed. When you dedicate yourself to small actions, they will set a wave of change in many areas of your life.

An oil tanker takes a little while to start moving, but it becomes difficult to stop once it builds up sufficient momentum.

Allow me to give you one more illustration.

For many centuries, it was believed that it was not possible to run a four-minute mile. In fact, some scientists had indicated that the human body would explode if it were subjected to a four-minute mile!

On 6th of March 1954, Roger Bannister did the impossible. He ran the four-minute mile! All of a sudden, what had been thought impossible for centuries was now possible:

  • The following year, thirty seven people ran the four-minute mile.
  • The year after that, an incredible 300 athletes hit the once impossible four-minute mile.

Whatever the human mind believes, it generalizes as a principle. You can reprogram your mind to make you a happier, more confident and productive person.

What Do You Want to Change?

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. Mike Murdock.

There are many aspects of our lives that we may not like: Some of us are overweight while others are broke, many are unhappy and would love nothing more than to meet their soulmate. Some of us could be feeling stuck in unfulfilling relationships; jobs that we no longer enjoy; positions that no longer inspire us.

Many of us would love to change our lives: lose weight, move cities, travel the world, go back to school, fall in love, stop procrastination, get a promotion, write a book. Save money……

What are the changes you would want to see in your life?

The Powerful Strategy of New Habits

You can bring all the changes you want in your life by incorporating new habits. A study by Duke University revealed that habits form about 45 percent of our total behavior. Habits are the foundation of our lives, and if the foundation is weak, we will never be happy. The reason we fail often times is because we try to do too much at once.

How to Change Your Life in Seven Days

If we want to make massive changes in any area of our lives, we should start by choosing the change that we desire. Then, we must shrink this change into small habits. After that, we only need to start and watch good things happening in our lives.

Here is a sample plan of how you can change your life in seven days

Monday: Positive thinking

What consumes your mind controls your life.

Life could be so much better for many of us if only we would replace our negative thoughts with positive ones:

  • I am a miserable failure
  • Why do these things always happen to me?
  • I can never do anything right: why can’t I be like X?
  • I don’t think I can do this.
  • Will I ever be successful?

When we think positively, we experience a pleasant feeling. When we are happy we feel more powerful, and the universe responds by bringing pleasant and powerful things our way.


  • Commit to two positive thoughts every day.
  • Name three things you are thankful for every day.

Tuesday: Fitness

Work out, for a healthy body holds a healthy mind.

According to CDC, regular physical exercise boosts our thinking, learning and judgment skills. Indeed, exercise will help preserve these skills as we age. It will also reduce the risk of depression.


  • Commit to walking 10 minutes every day.
  • Do ten jumping jacks every day.

Wednesday: Self-growth

The greatest solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.              Vernon Howard

We are at an exciting time in history with a world that is transforming every day. Things that were unthinkable 50 years ago are now a reality. To keep up with this profoundly transformative life, we must also seek to grow and keep improving ourselves. Transformation must not only happen in our environments but also in our inner resources. Personal development is crucial to your success.


  • Commit to meditating for ten minutes every day.
  • Read two pages of an inspiring book every day.

Thursday: Financial growth

Whoever said money could not buy happiness simply did not know where to go shopping. – Bo Derek

We all want financial independence, and this an excellent desire. Money gives us choices and personal power. It helps us to attract new opportunities in our lives. When we have money, we can survive more, share more of ourselves and inspire more.


  • Start cooking and eating at home
  • Take the train to work instead of driving
  • Commit to starting a side hustle

Friday: Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is hands down our favorite form of self-sabotage.  – Alyce P. Corryn

Procrastination is very literally the opposite of productivity. We are always tempted to put off things that are involving, unpleasant, difficult or painful. Unfortunately, essential tasks will always be characterized by one or more of the above attributes. Procrastination can literally cripple our lives.


  • Set the most import task each morning and work on it for 20 minutes.

Saturday: Find your soul mate

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. – Victor Hugo

There is nothing as electrifying as falling in love. Romantic relationships enrich our lives with friendships, courtship and love. We can confide in our romantic partners and share our problems with them. We can be comforted and receive and give unconditional friendship. How fulfilling it is to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves!


  • Go somewhere each day and meet new people.
  • Do something daily that will make you a fascinating person.

Sunday: Diet

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in.

According to CDC, carrying around too much weight is not only uncomfortable and but also damaging to our health. Being fit is also beyond being a certain size or looking great in a particular type of clothing. Research shows that there is a positive correlation between your health and mental success. Being physically fit ensures you have more energy to pursue your goals.

Also, the healthier you are, the more gracefully you age.


  • Eat two healthy meals per day.
  • Switch from drinking soda to drinking water
  • Drink two glasses of water when you wake up and a glass every time you take a break.

Give Yourself A Pat on the Back

You can change nearly any area of your life, one habit at a time. Incorporating small habits and routines will significantly enhance your life.

Every habit is like a seed; the small daily acts plant positive suggestions in your mind that will eventually grow into powerful new ways of living. Dedicate this week to transforming your life, one little habit at a time.

What new daily habits will you start today?

A year from now you will wish you had started today. Karen Lamb  

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