Unlock the Power of the Universe with These 19 Spiritual Affirmations

Woman who has shopped for happiness and cannot find it there anymore. May require some spiritual affirmations

Woman who has shopped for happiness and cannot find it there anymore. May require some spiritual affirmations

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


SO MANY OF US ARE LOOKING for happiness and fulfillment in the wrong places – and we don’t even know it. Sure, going on a shopping spree, or buying a new car are examples of things that would bring some level of joy. But eventually, the shoes wear out. And the car loses its shine.

When we constantly look outwards in an attempt to feel happy, it’s almost like trying to pump a tire with a hole in it: at first it works, but the air escaping through the hole quickly leaves the tire flat again. Similarly, the sense of fulfillment that accompanies a new purchase is fleeting: it simply won’t last. Of course, to rectify this, you could keep buying cars and shoes – or try to pump more air into the tire than what is escaping through the hole – but is that really a sustainable way to live?

The fact that you’ve found my website tells me that you know, deep down, there’s more to life than the material items that meet the eye.

Maybe you’ve made your riches and realized you’re no happier now than when you were poor. Maybe you’ve been through a painful break-up and realized that you placed too much pressure on your ex to make you happy. Or maybe you’re in the constant grind of 9-5 working life and just need something else because what you have right now is not bringing you the fulfillment you desire.

No matter what brought you to this point in time, or to put it in other words, no matter what caused your spiritual awakening, the next step is clear. It’s time to embark on a spiritual journey. It’s time to stop looking ‘out there’ for your happiness, and start looking in. It’s time to find out who you really are.


“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer” – Jim Carrey


Throughout your journey, there will be many times you’ll need to draw on the power of the universe, and this is exactly what spiritual affirmations help you do. They enable you to get close to the universe and connect with its higher power so that you can ultimately discover your true self. When you reach this level of understanding about yourself (self-realization), then inner peace, eternal happiness and fulfillment will follow.


19 of the Best Spiritual Affirmations

I spent some time reading and reciting spiritual affirmations, and selected the ones I felt would help my readers connect most deeply with the power of the universe. Here they are, 19 of the best:

  1. I am a child of the universe
  2. I believe the universal force will help me in all that I do
  3. I accept that the universal force is unlimited, therefore I am unlimited
  4. Deep at the center of my being lies the infinite wisdom of the universe
  5. All the energies of the universe are working in congruence with my beliefs
  6. Every day I am becoming a more enlightened being
  7. Connection with my inner spirit brings me constant peace and joy
  8. Every day I thank the universe for what I have
  9. I am always connected to the harmony of the universe
  10. I am at all times connected to the universal spirit
  11. I am divinely guided by the unlimited universal force within me
  12. I am empowered by the energy I draw from the universal force
  13. I am filled with universal power and love
  14. I am guided by the higher power of the universe
  15. I am in perfect alignment with my inner spirit
  16. I am in tune with the perfect vibration of the universe
  17. I am spirit made flesh
  18. I believe there is a higher power working through me which is helping me reach my goals
  19. I trust in the power of the universal force


Some Advice To Help You On Your Way

To start with, pick the one or two affirmations that resonate with you the most – and repeat them twice a day, every day (morning and night is best). After a few weeks it’s a good idea to choose two or three different affirmations so that the process stays fresh and doesn’t become ‘robotic’. You must truly believe in your affirmations and repeat them with genuine sincerity if they are to work their magic.

To help you feel your affirmations on a deeper level, consider coupling them with activities like yoga or meditation. These practices complement spiritual affirmations especially because they encourage us to place an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of our lives over the material. They also help us connect our spiritual thoughts with physical action.

If you find that you’re having trouble feeling a connection with the universe – I understand. The universe is a mysterious, almost abstract place – much of which mankind has never before seen and perhaps never will see. But consider this: We are a part of the universe – it is not a separate entity from us – we are one and the same. The hydrogen in your body came from the big bang – the birth of the universe. The carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen in your body came from a star that died billions of years ago. You are the universe made manifest.


Personalize Your Affirmations

Sometimes you can be reading a book or website and immediately stumble upon an affirmation that resonates deeply with you. Other days you can wade through webpage after webpage of well-meaning words, but just not feel anything. And that’s OK. We are all separate beings with unique pasts, presents and futures. So it logically follows that what works for one – or even millions – may not work for you.

In this scenario, the best thing to do is to create your own spiritual affirmations. You should always keep them short and easy to recite, and write them in the present tense. Here are 3 more important points to keep in mind:


1. Use the words I ‘am’ not I ‘need’ or I ‘want’

Example: ‘I am discovering my true self, not ‘I want to discover who I really am’.

See the difference? You are saying out loud – and with feeling – that you already have or are in the process of getting what you want. In this way, you’re bringing up the feelings and emotions that come with having what you want. Ultimately, you will start to vibrate on that energy level and attract exactly what it is that you want.

2. Don’t get caught up in the ‘how’

Calling on the power of the universe to help you unlock your inner potential can seem like an enormous task. And in some ways it is truly monumental. BUT. If you start thinking about how it’s all going to work, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed. This will open the door to negative thinking, which won’t leave much room in your brain for focusing on your spiritual affirmations.

Instead, put yourself in the frame of mind of already having what you want (see tip 1), and then let the universe figure out the most efficient and harmonious way to bring it to you.

3. Tackle the doubt

As I mentioned earlier on in this post, to say your affirmations with feeling, you really do need to believe them deep down. In fact, the way you say them is just as important as the words you choose. But it can be hard to speak with sincerity when you are struggling to believe them.


For example, if you’re in a rough place right now, it would understandably be difficult to say this:

“Every day I am becoming a more enlightened being” And truly mean it.


The thing is, you probably ARE becoming more enlightened day-to-day, but the changes are incremental, and in the chaos and pain of your current life, you may not feel it. In this case, try to include words that reflect your personal situation, and in turn, make your affirmation feel more genuine:

“Every day I choose to work towards becoming a more enlightened being.”


Have Patience and Don’t Give Up

The world can be a negative place. In fact, some people have pointed out that by the time we reach the age of 18, we have heard 148,000 phrases like: “You can’t do it”, “It’s not worth it”, and “It’s impossible!”

If you let yourself listen to these negative voices, nothing will seem possible. If, however, you repeat your spiritual affirmations out loud every day, stay patient, and let your positive inner voice drown out the negativity, you will find the inner happiness and fulfillment you seek.

21 Personalize-able Affirmations for Success

21 affirmations for success - A woman sitting on top of the world after achieving her goal

21 affirmations for success - A woman sitting on top of the world after achieving her goal

ON THE SURFACE it may seem like we don’t have control over many things in life. After all, it can rain even when we want sunshine. Your train can be late even when you desperately want to get home after a long day at work. And your local café can very easily sell out of your favorite steak sandwich even on the days you crave it the most.

But you can control the most important thing of all: you have the power to choose who you want to be.

You have the power to get what you want out of this life. It may be that you want to lose weight, or make more money, or switch careers – and that’s great. In fact, that’s the important first step – being consciously aware of what it is that you want. Because you can only succeed at something, when you have first clarified what you want.

To actually achieve your goals though, and GET what you want, you need to tap into your subconscious mind.

It’s when the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind are on the same level, you become truly unstoppable.


How do you get the subconscious mind on board?

One way to unlock the power of your subconscious mind is through positive affirmations. The idea behind affirmations is to choose a number of short, positive statements and say them out loud at a specific time of the day. It’s not just about quantity though – quality is key.

It will do you no good to repeat an affirmation over and over again with no feeling, as though you’re a robot. Rather, you need to feel, deep in your soul, that the affirmation is true.

The more you use your affirmations in this fashion, the more you activate your subconscious mind. In turn, this strengthens and clarifies your inner vision and what you want for yourself and your life.

And this deep inner knowledge of what you desire then has the power to shape your future according to your vision. If you think about it, affirmations help you shape and create your future reality from the inside, out.

What are the best affirmations for success?

Like I said above, it’s not all about WHAT you say. So much of it comes down to how deeply you feel what you’re saying, and how congruent (in harmony) it is with you. But nevertheless, you still need the right words!

Here are 21 of the best affirmations for success*:

  1. I am a magnet for success
  2. I am so excited because all of my dreams are coming true
  3. I am a good person who deserves happiness and success
  4. I act fearlessly
  5. The seeds of greatness lie in my mind
  6. Every day I move closer to my hopes and dreams
  7. The vision within me is creating the world around me
  8. Success comes from my mind
  9. I believe deeply that I can achieve anything
  10. I know what I want and I achieve it
  11. I am strong, powerful, and confident
  12. I am destined for greatness
  13. My thoughts create my reality and I am the master of my thoughts
  14. I am in charge of my life
  15. The power is within me – I learn from the past, live in the now, and plan for the future
  16. I see all challenges in my life as opportunities for growth
  17. I am at peace with where I am and I have a strong vision for the future
  18. I realize that success is a result of right thinking and hard work – I excel in both.
  19. Success for me is an ongoing process – after one success I focus on another
  20. I am solution oriented – all problems are solvable
  21. I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

*After some researching, I found these affirmations to be the most related to success and achievement from  here, here, and here. Keep reading below to see how you can personalize them to your particular situation


Putting it all into action

Choose two or three statements that relate directly to your goal and write them down. If success for you is a promotion at work, or a career change, then perhaps statements 1, 4, and 12 from the list above would work for you.

Then think about when you will repeat your affirmations –

  • In the morning right after you wake up?
  • In the car on the way to work?
  • Midday when you need a burst of motivation to see you through the end of the day?
  • Or maybe right before bed so that you can dream sweetly about your coming success?

Repeat your affirmations at your chosen time out loud, and with high energy  5-10 times every day.


Personalize it

If you found yourself really connecting to one or more of the affirmation statements listed above – then that statement is the one for you.

But if you’re after something a little more personal or specific – you can write your own. In fact many people in the field believe that affirmations that stem from your own life and are written in your own voice tend to have the strongest impact.

Writing your own affirmations is not difficult, but there is a special formula involved. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Keep your affirmations in the present tense – live in the NOW!
  • Focus only on the positive – avoid using the word ‘not’.
    • For example, instead of this: “I am not nervous about starting my new job.”
    • Try this: “I am so excited about starting my new job – I’m going to smash it!”
  • Keep them short – the more concise your statement, the easier it is to recall
  • Include actions to help you visualize your success more clearly.
    • For example, someone wanting to lose weight might say: “I can see myself strolling along the golden sandy beaches of Hawaii in a tiny bikini.”
  • And finally, include an emotion – state how you will feel in that moment:
    • “I can see myself blissfully strolling along the golden sandy beaches of Hawaii in a tiny bikini.


Take home points

Affirmations help activate your subconscious mind, ensuring your conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts are pointing towards the same goal. In this way, affirmations help to purify the brain– pushing out any negative thoughts that may have been taking place unconsciously and replacing them with positive ones.

Saying your affirmations out loud 5-10 times every day will help you transform your thoughts into words, and eventually, your words into actions.

So think about what you want to achieve, choose or create your affirmations for success, and tell the universe exactly what you want – consistently, and with feeling. Then go ahead and live your best life.