31 Health Affirmations and How to Make Them Work for You

Woman feeling happy and fit after doing some health affirmations

YOUR BRAIN IS A POWERFUL ORGAN: it’s always rewiring itself, so you’ll never lose the ability to learn and change.

Those brain cells are pretty incredible too: they shoot messages around so efficiently, that signals can reach speeds of 267mph (430 km/h)! And if you ever got the urge (and the equipment) to measure your brain action while you’re sleeping, you’d find that it’s just as active at night as it is during the day.

That’s because it’s busy pumping your heart, digesting your food, maintaining your blood pressure and much more – all so you can wake up alive and kicking.

Consider this though: in a single day, 70,000 thoughts can pass through your brain. Some of these may be the same thoughts looping around over and over. Others will be new.


Imagine if all (or even a large proportion of) those thoughts were negative. Imagine if you had the same negative thought going around and around in a loop, thousands of times a day.

What do you think would happen?

Let’s break it down.

For starters, thoughts influence your beliefs. The beliefs you have about anything in your life are created over a period of time through a consistent (and constant!) way of thinking. If, for most of your adult life, you’ve thought about how much you hate cooking dinner, you’ll develop a really strong belief that cooking dinner is not a fun activity.

Your beliefs create and dictate your attitude, your attitude dictates your feelings, and your feelings have a huge impact on how you behave. This means that if you think you hate cooking dinner, you’ll probably end up ordering takeaway.

Yep. The brain is a powerful organ. And depending on the nature of the thoughts running through your head, this power can either work for you or against you. Luckily, you have, within you, the ability to influence whether your brain helps or hinders your progress in life.

The Brain and Health

Sometimes we have the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, but we have no idea where to start. This can lead to what I like to call, a ‘follow frenzy’, where people turn to social media and start following tens (or hundreds!) of health, fitness, and wellness influencers.

While there are plenty of useful tips to be gleaned from people ‘in the know’, there are also many ‘un-useful’, and downright dangerous tips too. The other problem is, filling your feed with images of buff, toned athletes can do more damage than good. Because it’s just too easy to compare your body back to theirs.

These social media influencers lift weights and eat greens for a living, but it’s hard to remember that when you see their abs and immediately want them.

And when looking at these people’s perfect physiques, it’s very easy to remember the less-than-perfect parts of your physique. Like the bits of cellulite on your thighs and bum. Or the round pouch on your stomach that arrived along with baby number 2 (or the beer and tacos from last night’s dinner).

Remember what we said about how thoughts can shape your behavior though? Well, when you start thinking:

“The cellulite on my thighs is disgusting”

Then you’ll start believing it. And you’ll develop a negative attitude towards your legs. And no matter what you do – like going for a run every night after work – you’ll never feel good about your legs, or yourself for that matter.

So what would that do to your behavior? You might stop going to the beach to avoid having to show off your legs. You might stop wearing shorts – even in hot weather. You might stop going out in public full stop! I don’t think I need to tell you that this is no way to live.

What is the Answer?

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s never black and white. Everyone has their own hang-ups, their own idea of the ‘ideal body’, and their own goals.

But one thing is constant no matter what you are aiming to achieve, whether that be to gain or lose 10 pounds: negative thinking is a no-no. Positive thinking is better. Health affirmations (coupled with a healthy eating and exercise plan) are best!

Positive affirmations are designed to penetrate your subconscious thoughts and therefore change your actions, behaviors and attitude. More specifically, health affirmations can increase a feeling of well being and open your mind to making lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking, losing weight, or eating better.

So how does positive affirmations and thoughts bouncing around in your brain up to 70,000 times a day at 400 km/h sound?

Like a pretty incredible way to make the power of your mind work FOR you, rather than against you now doesn’t it?

Health Affirmations – For Eating Better, Getting Fitter and Strengthening Your Willpower

Achieving your idea of ‘health’ may mean you have to eat healthier foods and cut out the processed stuff. It may be that you need to move more. Or it may be that you have to cut out the cigarettes and alcohol. So, I have gone on an affirmation hunt, compiled the best of the best, and split them into three categories: ‘affirmations for healthier food choices’, ‘fitness affirmations’, and ‘affirmations for stronger willpower’.

10 affirmations for healthier food choices:

  1. My taste buds are changing every day – I no longer crave foods that don’t nourish me
  2. I listen for when I am satisfied and full
  3. This food is healing me
  4. I am willing to slow down and take this time to nourish myself
  5. I am so grateful for this wonderful food
  6. I am well nourished in preparation for the day ahead of me
  7. I am worth the time and money I invest in my health
  8. I am so grateful to be choosing food that supports my best health
  9. I have everything I need to help me prepare delicious, nutritious meals
  10. I am willing to take this time to nurture myself

You can find more like these here.

12 fitness affirmations:

  1. Being fit and vital is one of the top priorities in my life
  2. Daily exercise makes me feel alive and powerful
  3. Daily exercise makes me healthy and attractive
  4. Exercise improves my vitality and frees my soul
  5. Every action I take moves me towards my perfect body
  6. Every day I become more agile and lithe
  7. Every day my body becomes stronger and leaner
  8. Every day my body becomes younger and fitter
  9. Every physical activity I take part in, helps me to reach my ideal weight
  10. Every time I exercise I build more muscle and burn more fat
  11. Exercise does as much for my mental state as it does for my body
  12. Exercise greatly improves my positive self-image

If you feel like none of these have quite hit the mark, you can find a heap more here.

9 affirmations for stronger willpower:

  1. I am motivated at all times to do what I’m supposed to do
  2. I am in complete control of myself
  3. Being in control of my actions is the most natural thing in the world
  4. I can easily tap into my willpower
  5. Having control over my impulses is effortless
  6. I have an iron will
  7. I am disciplined
  8. I always keep on going no matter how hard things get
  9. Taking control of myself has given me nothing but success

You can find more here.

Some Final Tips to Help You Tap into the Power of Your Mind – and Use it for a Healthier You!

As I always say – pick the affirmations that resonate the most with you, and align best with what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you’re trying to hit the gym more regularly and refrain from drinking wine every night, then perhaps the following two affirmations would be a good start:

  • Being in control of my actions is the most natural thing in the world
  • Exercise does as much for my mental state as it does for my body

The most important thing is that you feel your affirmations on a deep level – and truly believe in them each and every time you say them.

This can only be achieved if you actually do believe the words you are saying. There’s no point in saying affirmations that you can’t grasp or conceive of. So choose ones that most accurately reflect your life and where you’re at – or create your own.

When you decide to become a healthier version of you – the ‘you’ you’ve always dreamed of being, then the combination of right health plan AND health affirmations will truly take you to the next level. So get your post-it notes out and start writing your favorite health affirmations down. What have you got to lose – apart from excess fat, a smoking addiction, or unhealthy lifestyle?

I’ll tell you what: nothing.

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