31 Love Affirmations – A Novice’s Guide to Attracting Love into Your Life

Using love affirmations can bring love into your life

“The needs that make us human: To love, to be loved, to be accepted and to be respected.”

Do you sometimes feel like everyone else around you is enjoying a great relationship apart from you? We have all gone through these phases: when we feel like everyone else has figured out how to make relationships work; like we are the only ones who cannot find the right one. Going through repeated breakups, bad dates, loneliness and secret dreams of perfect love.

All of us have an intense desire to be loved. Indeed, the need to be loved is one of the most basic needs of a human being. Many of us associate love with happiness. We believe that we are happy as long as we are in healthy relationships. Romantic relationships are therefore the priority for so many of us.

You might have resigned yourself to single life, even though deep down you still yearn to find love. It is normal to sometimes just feel like giving up. The good news is that no matter how unpleasant your experiences have been, it is still possible to attract love.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the belief that focus on positive or negative thoughts will attract the same kind of positive or negative things into your life. In other words, your current situation is a manifestation of all the thoughts that you have been thinking in the past. The law of attraction declares that we have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Remember, thoughts become things.

“Whatever we can imagine and hold in the mind’s eye we can achieve.”

Every minute, whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, we are acting as human magnets, sending out thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have conceived.

“Life is a blank canvas possibility; you are in control of what the finished pictures could look like.”

Manifesting love and relationships with the law of attraction.

“I see love. I feel love. I am love”

The beginning of attraction teaches us that everything we attract in our lives is a direct response to our thoughts and energies. If this is the case, then we are responsible for the people that we attract into our lives.

To attract your soul mate using the law of attraction, you must first be clear about the kind of person that your soul mate is: caring, charismatic, ambitious, abundant, affectionate, creative, hardworking, etc.

Having done that, it is now time to develop and grow yourself into the kind of person that you would want to be with. In other words, if you haven’t found the right person, it is probably because you are not being the right person. The process of manifesting one’s soul mate is, therefore, an inner journey.

Using love affirmations can help you focus on inviting love into your life
Using love affirmations can help you focus on inviting love into your life

Affirmations and Finding Love

Now that you know how the law of attraction works, let us remind you that our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. Affirmations are positive statements about the desired goal. When said often enough, they can change our habits and behavior and consequently transform the environment and the people around us. Affirmations can help us in our love life.

“What you repeatedly say and think is what you get.”

Below is a list of affirmations for attracting love into your life. Choose the affirmations that appeal to your situation from the list:

  • Repeat them as many times as you want when you have some free time.
  • If you choose several affirmations, it will be wiser to concentrate on one particular affirmation at a time.
  • You can repeat the affirmations aloud, mentally or whisper them.
  • Believe the words you are repeating

The greatness of our minds is that we can think and imagine what does not exist right now and make it a reality. We can transform our loneliness into an excellent company: our unhappiness into abundant happiness. You want love in your life; you want a partner and a beautiful, harmonious relationship; all these are possible. Affirmations will inject confidence and positivity that you need to attract an abundance of love from your soul mate.

31 Love Affirmations

  1. I am ready to give and receive the love that is perfect for me in every way
  2. I am unique, and there is a person who is right just for me, and I am right just for him/her
  3. I have so much to give: I am a wonderful, loving person
  4. I am perfect just as I am and worthy of love
  5. The person that I am looking for is also looking for me
  6. I am becoming the best version of myself, and the past relationships are in the past
  7. The universe is using circumstances and events to bring me the love that I am looking for
  8. My heart is open and ready to love.
  9. I am a magnet puller and I am sending the right energy into the world to bring me the right person
  10. The right person is on the way, and they are worth waiting for
  11. I am attracting a lasting relationship
  12. The love that I seek is also seeking me
  13. Everything I do is bringing me closer to love
  14. The more I desire someone, the more they become attracted to me
  15. Love is attracted to me, and I am, and I am attracted to love.
  16. My inner beauty naturally radiates outwards
  17. I radiate unconditional love
  18. When I meet that special person, everything will just fall into place.
  19. I am filled with the vibrations of love
  20. Love is my birthright
  21. I desire love and receive it in abundance
  22. I spread love and receive it back many times over
  23. I only attract healthy loving relationships
  24. I am willing and ready to let the right man/woman for me to enter into my life now
  25. I open my heart to love, and I trust that true love will follow
  26. I desire love, so I give my love to my soul mate
  27. Everything I do aligns with the vibrations of love
  28. I am destined to be with my soul mate
  29. I am deserving of the love that I receive
  30. Love fills my soul with warmth
  31. I trust the universe will find me my perfect match

A Final Note from Me

These affirmations will help you to turn around the negative thoughts about love running through your mind. When you begin to use them consciously, you will not only start to change your thoughts but your life as well. This is because when you transform your thoughts, you change your vibrations and begin to attract love. With the right affirmations, it is possible to find love; even unconditional love.

“From this moment on, I am attracting my soul mate, and in time to come we will meet and be forever bound in love and light.”

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