11 Powerful Affirmations for Women Taken From Some of History’s Greatest Women

Affirmations for women - Woman succeeding and celebrating

Affirmations for women - Woman succeeding and celebrating

THE WORLD HAS BEEN GRACED BY many hugely successful women from a wide variety of industries: Science, politics, fashion, education, entertainment, sports…name it. Throughout the centuries, women have defied many odds and blazed trails, shattered glass ceilings and broken records.

Common qualities

One quality that these successful women have in common is their ability to rise above difficult and negative situations. They do not complain and they do not lament. They are optimistic; always looking on the positive side of things.

These successful women go one step further; they have learnt to create their own world. They do not accept what is handed to them. They harness their thoughts and create the world that they desire.

My life did not please me. So, I created my life. – Coco Chanel

The rest of us look at these successful women: Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Gandhi, Christiane Amanpour, Cristina Fernandez, Aung San Suui Kyi, Mary McAleese, Mia Farrow, Barbara Walters, J.K Rowling among many others and  admire them. We also wonder how they excelled despite incredible hardships.

It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us. – J. K. Rowling

What can hinder success

However, women must believe in their ability to succeed. For the longest time, many have listened to the negative voices that have said we are less visionary, less dependable and less competitive. What is more, we have internalized these messages:

  • Many of women feel like they don’t do enough or matter enough.
  • Women are less likely than men to jump at opportunities for professional advancement
  • Women perceive professional power as less desirable than men do.
  • Research shows that even though women have more overall life goals as compared to men, they are less likely to strive for powerful jobs and are more likely to anticipate adverse outcomes from a potential promotion.
  • Women don’t give themselves the credit they deserve. When women communicate their achievements, it is seen as bragging. Women have learned to dull their shine since they have lost confidence to sell themselves.

We need to replace the negative voices with positive affirmations. Affirmations can rewrite our brains and improve our energy.

Affirmations for women - woman thinking about her work

Life stems from your thoughts

We have to be careful with our thoughts and words. As women, we should only think those thoughts which work towards our benefit and cultivate our highest good. Affirmation will purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamic of our brains so that we manifest our worth and attract what we deserve.

11 affirmations for women adapted from famous and powerful women

Many women have defied the odds and done exceptionally well in their various field. These women are incredible role models to many of us who feel as if we come into the world with the odds already stack against us. We hope these affirmations from inspirational women will inspire you to pursue your dreams.


Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stone to greatness. – Oprah Winfrey (Business Mogul/Philanthropist)


When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often, we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which been opened for us. – Hellen Keller (Author/ political activist)


Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt (First lady of the US)


Don’t be intimated by what you do not know. That can be your greatest strength. – Sarah Blakely (founder of spanx/ World’s youngest female billionaire)


I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. – Audrey Hepburn (Actress)


I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘wow,’ I’m not sure I can do this, and you push through these moments; that’s when you have the break through. – Marissa Meyer (CEO of Yahoo)


Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. – Mother Theresa (philanthropist/charity worker)


The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. – Ayn Rand (Novelist/philosopher)


I am fearless; I don’t complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on. – Sofia Vergara (Entrepreneur/actress)


Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too. Believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it. – Diane Sawyer (ABC/ World news / Disney)


I learned always to take on things I had never done before. Growth and comfort do not co-exist.  – Virginia Rometty (CEO of IBM)

Now it’s your turn…

If these women excelled, you too can. Look at their attitudes! Look at their beliefs! None of them said ‘I can’t! Whatever you say, the universe will endow you with the abilities to do just that.

Click here if you are looking for more affirmation information.

21 Positive Affirmations for Work and a Fulfilling Career

Positive Affirmations for Work - Two people enjoying their work

Positive Affirmations for Work - Two people enjoying their work

DID YOU KNOW THAT 1/3 OF YOUR LIFE is spent at work?

Research shows that the average person will spend 91,250 hours working over a lifetime. We can therefore confidentially determine that careers make a significant impact on the quality of our lives. Finding success in our career is consequently essential to all of us.

Work can be an avenue to success or a roadblock to our dreams.

Unfortunately, not many of us can confess to enjoying their work. Consider the following facts:

  • 80% of people are disturbed about their jobs
  • 25% of employees indicate that work is their primary source of stress
  • 40% of employees say that their jobs are very or extremely stressful.
  • 21% of employees say that they cannot take a vacation for work-related reasons

It is no secret that most of us are working in jobs we do not like.

The Hallmark of a Fulfilling Job

There are five main attributes of an enjoyable job.

The challenge

A hundred percent of people who confess to loving their jobs cite the challenge of their work as the biggest reason they enjoy what they do. A magnificent job provides variety, allows you to solve problems and puts your skills to good use every day.

Great Bosses

You will never find work a pleasure if you cannot stand your boss. A good boss is a cheerleader, a teacher, an excellent communicator and an enabler.

Great co-workers

People are social beings. Many people who love their jobs feel like they are part of a team with a group of people with whom they are working towards the same goal. A good job provides efficient mechanisms for resolving conflicts and creates opportunities for coworkers to learn from each other. We spend a lot of time at work. Workplace friendships are therefore crucial for our productivity.

Work that matters

All of us thrive when we feel that the work we do makes a difference. We may not save the world, but a fulfilling job allows us to feel that we have improved the world in some way.

The salary

All people excel when they feel recognized. The salary is one way in which organizations appreciate their employees’ efforts. Consider the following statistics:

  • 63% of workers paid over $50,000 say they love their jobs.
  • 21% of workers paid under $50,000 say they dislike their jobs
  • 61% of employees think pay is significant to job satisfaction.

When you love your job, it does not feel like work

How to Attract Your Dream Job

The ability to succeed and find opportunities at work is our responsibility. You are in your current job because of your past beliefs. (Sorry, but the truth will set you free). You drew your current job to yourself by your thinking.

Some of us are struggling with joblessness, and we believe it is hard to get a job. Please do not think that it is hard to get a job. That may be the case with others, but it does not have to be your reality. You only need one job, and your consciousness will open the pathway for you if you believe. Do not have faith in fear.

Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal: Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. – Thomas Jefferson

If you are already a working professional, you can transform your workplace into the job that you desire. You only need to change your thinking. Do not be cynical about your current job. If you want to enjoy your work, begin by changing your thoughts about every person and thing in the workplace.

Affirm that your job is great and it is only a stepping stone to a greater position. This will create a loving atmosphere within you, and the entire workplace will respond to it. Remember what you give comes back multiplied: appreciation, respect, and love.

Knowledge, hard work, and planning are all important. However, the right mental attitude is far more important. Affirmation is a magical tool to create the right energy to attract your dream job. Affirmation will help your manifest everything you want in your dream job: work profile, growth prospect, bosses, environment, salary, teammates, etc.

21 Positive Affirmations for Work and a Fulfilling Career

  1. The joy I find in my career is reflected in my overall happiness
  2. I now do work I love, and I am well paid for it. The perfect job is looking for me, and we are being brought together now.
  3. There is no competition on the spiritual plane. What is mine is given under grace.
  4. I am appreciated and well compensated wherever I work
  5. I always work for wonderful bosses
  6. My workspace is a pleasure to be in there is mutual respect among coworkers
  7. I am opening my consciousness to a greater prosperity and part of that prosperity is an increased salary
  8. My job allows me to express my talents and abilities and I am grateful for this employment
  9. When it is time for a new job the perfect position presents itself to me easily
  10. I love my career, and I amaze people with my exceptional results
  11. I deserve to have this exciting, rewarding career. It is so much fun.
  12. I am manifesting my dream job
  13. My stress level is continually decreasing as I work smarter
  14. I am attracting only positive income at my new job
  15. I can balance my career with my family life so that both are in harmony with each other
  16. I am valued at my workplace my voice is always heard respectfully
  17. I have a great relationship with my colleagues as well as my boss
  18. My work ethic ensures that I get regular promotions and monetary incentives
  19. I am at ease speaking in front of others. I have confidence in myself.
  20. My boss appreciates my work and helps me grow
  21. There is a huge demand for my particular skills at work

Using the Affirmations

Use these affirmations to transform your job. No more complaining and lamenting. Expressing gratitude for what you have now can lift you to a better position faster than a negative attitude will.

I am successful in all that I do. I am inspired and productive. I serve others willingly and gladly. Divine harmony reigns supreme within and around me and within and around each and every person in my work place.

The Final Word

Spending our days doing a job that we feel is fulfilling is a drive that greatly motivates us. Once we are there life is great, but getting there can be tricky. The trick is to spend time clarifying exactly what you want.

I learned how to clarify what I wanted with this program. The information and exercises really helped steer me to do what I love (which is educating) and gave me the confidence to make it happen.

Once you find what you want, using techniques like daily affirmations will help focus you and get you there. Skipping over the clarification stage can cost you time so i really suggest you do it thoroughly.

Anyhow thanks for reading my article on positive affirmations for work. If you’d like more information or want to ask a question you can do so here.

Manifestation Miracle Review – What I Thought & My Progress 3 Months After Using the Program

Manifestation Miracle Review - Screenshot Desktop

Disclaimer: This article contains links which earn money for this website at no extra cost to you, Manifestation Miracle (MM) is the same price for everyone.

THIS REVIEW IS FROM MY experience of reading and using the Manifestation Miracle program. The good, the bad and the ugly. I will try to paint the clearest picture I can but your experience may differ.

I have also bought and used other manifestation programs and I leverage that experience in this review also.

Manifestation Miracle Review - Screenshot Desktop
Here is a screenshot of the downloaded Manifestation Miracle files on my desktop

What is Manifestation Miracle in One Sentence?

A Step-by-step guide to getting yourself back on track to what your purpose is, how to live the life you desire, get what you want and live a fulfilled life.

What is Manifestation Miracle (MM) About?

“Are you living YOUR life… or are you living the life that is expected of you?”

Manifestation Miracle is a 162 page, 5 part program which directs you through the process of ‘destiny tuning’.

What is destiny tuning you ask? Here is a quote from page 10

“Destiny tuning is the process of learning to connect with and harness the power and essence of who you really are in order to create and attract the life you’d truly like to be living.”

So instead of promising you the world, fast cars, and fast women, Manifestation Miracle is firstly about you finding your true self. This can be a little confronting, as many of us ‘know what we want’, and here we are being asked to rethink our motivations.

The process involves first finding out who you are. Second, why you are on the planet and last but not least, what you like to do that make you happy & fulfilled.

Manifestation Miracle covers the elements of what makes people happier and what happy people do, clarification, goal setting, the law of attraction, and of course manifestation.


Who MM is for:

People who feel out of alignment with their life. Like there is conflict that shouldn’t be there.

People who want to better their life long-term or simply get out of a rut

People who want some direction to either cut the unimportant stuff or simply provide a way to figure out what you should be doing


Who MM is NOT for:

People who want an overnight cure

People who want to be passive to change. You will need to do some work on your part

People who want to either get rich quick, healed overnight or an instant lasting relationship

People who are negative to self-help and typically don’t have any faith in changing their life for the better


Manifestation Miracle Review - Products Access
Although the program is pictured here in physical form, the product is accessed digitally through a members portal. This means you get instant access but means if you want a hard-copy, you will need to print and bind it yourself.

What’s Inside Manifestation Miracle (MM)?

  • Manifestation Miracle eBook (available in .pdf, .epub & .mobi)
  • Audio version of the book in mp3 format
  • Abundant Success Workbook
  • Mindtracks (affirmation audios)
    • Abundant Wealth Mindtrack
    • The Love and Happiness Mindtrack
    • 6 Bonus Mindtracks
  • Chapter Recap Videos Videos
  • Bonus Books
    • The Powerhouse Guide For Health, Vitality, and Disease Reversal
    • How to Reboot Your Metabolism

Extras (paid)

  • Money Mindfood System
    • (there are other extras, however, I only bought the first (wealth) one)

The PROS and CONS of Manifestation Miracle


PRO: Comprehensive Coverage of Topics

The program is split up over text, audio, and video. I found being able to read, listen or watch made taking in the information a lot easier than it otherwise would have been. It also helped break it up.

The mix of channels (text, audio, and video) actually addressed different aspects of the course for me.

The text in the book made clear points and showed me how I should be doing the different tasks (think like a worksheet template).

The audio was there so that I could listen to the book again when I was driving or out and about. This way I could think about it from different angles in my life.

The videos gave insights from others about how the topic had affected them. There were plenty of stories and overall I really liked that there was more than one vantage point.

In a way, I felt like the presenters also accompanied me through the program, which was great. As in many self-help programs it can feel lonely as you go through them with the stigma of ‘self-help’. The chapter recap videos definitely gave more of a community type feel.

PRO: Clear and simple to follow and Understand – even enjoyable

Good for people who are new to manifestation and self-help – everything is talked about in a relatively easy to understand way with simple language.

Important words are defined, and topics are broken up into chapters with introductions and summaries to help clarify and retain knowledge.

The book is well written and flows quite well. The audio is clear and understandable. The videos are relatable and comprehensive when they cover a topic. The presenters in the chapter recap videos give examples and stories of how the topic being covered has impacted their lives, and what to do about it.

PRO: Good Insights and New Information

Although the program is easy to follow, it’s not all basic.

Whether it was information to give a new and different perspective or information on relevant studies done around the world.

The information given by Mark and Brooke (the video presenters) was a bit more personal which helped me relate to the content and my life.

It’s also a good mix of information and taking action. It doesn’t put everything on you and make you feel bad when you can’t do it. It gives you plenty of new information to help you understand and see why it’s important and fits into your life, but also motivate you to get you through doing the task.


CON: The Exercises Can Be Overly Common

Here’s an example from page 54. It’s an exercise about letting go of your ego.

“Do something that you want to do, without worrying about what others may think. Change your hair color, sign up for a dance class, apply for a new job. If it’s really what you’d like to do, do it. And tell the others about it later.”

I appreciate on the surface that this sounds like good advice, although it is very common in self-help circles.

CON: Quite a few homework tasks –

It is good that they are there, but when I didn’t do all of them (see the previous point), it felt like I was disjointed from the course a little

CON: Lack of References

Especially in the bonuses, there are statements made that aren’t backed up with sources of any kind. Even the author of the bonuses has not put their name on them so I guess it’s read as entertainment only.

What You Need to Do to Complete MM:

I don’t think it’s a good idea to get MM without knowing you will need:

  • A Journal – You will need to write down your thoughts and a place to do the exercises in the program
  • 15-30 minutes per day – It will take less than a month to go through the program at this rate, so it’s important to have some time to be able to dedicate to completing it. The program itself isn’t a drag or hard to do though.
  • Minimum $47 – There aren’t any discounts with MM. It’s $47 for the basic version for everyone.

What’s in Manifestation Miracle?

In this section, I give a brief summary of what happens in each part of the book along with the list of chapter titles.

Part 1: You Are Destined for Success

In a Nutshell – How to uncover your mission in life and get in touch with your personal destiny.

Part 1 of Manifestation Miracle is about clarifying who you are and what you are on earth to do. If your feeling unsure or even in conflict with yourself then this part will help you understand why. It will also help you align your life as far as your day to day tasks with your goals, dreams, and desires.

  • Chapter 1: Destiny Tuning… The Secret Ingredient That Will Send You on the Path to Your Dreams
  • Chapter 2: You Aren’t What You Eat…You Are What You Think, Feel, See and Vibrate
  • Chapter 3: Getting Off the Beaten Path and Onto a Path of Your Own
  • Chapter 4: Tuning Into Your Intuitive Power
  • Chapter 5: Hold Onto Your “Eggo” … But Let Go of Your Ego

Part 2: Getting in Tune with Your Personal Destiny

In a Nutshell – Recognising your best self and get ahead of the crowd by owning your true identity.

Part 2 is about honing your life to identify and uncover the different influences in it. Then recognizing if these influences should stay in your life, and making room for more of what you want in life.

  • Chapter 1: Soul Food for Thought
  • Chapter 2: So, What Are You All About?
  • Chapter 3: This is Your  Life, So What is That Doing Here?
  • Chapter 4: Wear Comfortable Shoes and Pack a Lunch, This is Going to be a Journey
  • Chapter 5: How to Fall in Love With the Most Awesome Person in the World
  • Chapter 6: When You’re Taking a Trip, Look For The Road Signs
  • Chapter 7: Wow! Look at How Much You’ve Changed!

Part 3: Raising the Roof with Your Energetic Vibrations

In a Nutshell – Powering up to achieve your full potential and making the jump to the life you want.

Part 3 is when you start to build the life you want by the actions and words that you speak. Think of it as the foundation of your dream life. These rules and habits will stabilize your life, ready for manifestation.

  • Chapter 1: What You Feel is What You Get
  • Chapter 2: The Power of Affirmations
  • Chapter 3: You’ll See it When You Believe It
  • Chapter 4: A Few Jarring Thoughts
  • Chapter 5: Gratitude Is Like Salt: A Little Pinch Goes A Long Way

Part 4: The Happiness Factor

In a Nutshell – How to live the life you want while recognizing the dwindling aspects of your old self that need changing

Part 4 is about supercharging your life and opening yourself up to receive all that life has to offer. Using the power of the law of attraction.

  • Chapter 1: Where Happiness Goes, Abundance Flows
  • Chapter 2: There’s No Better Time Than Now. Really!
  • Chapter 3: The Grass is Always Greener, on Your Side
  • Chapter 4: Practice Makes Perfectly Happy
  • Chapter 5: If You’re Happy and You Know It, You’re Really Gonna Want to Show it…

Part 5: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

In a Nutshell – Advanced strategies for manifestation and dream life maintenance.

Part 5 is a summary and celebration of all you have achieved since starting the program.

  • Chapter 1: Manifesting The Rabbit …  and Other Advanced Magic Tricks
  • Chapter 2: The View From The Top Of The Mountain
  • Chapter 3: Thanks for Flying with Us, We Hope that You Enjoyed the Ride!


Abundant Success Workbook

What’s in it:

  • Let’s do a ‘Mini-Reset’ Right Now
  • Daily Exercise 1: Listen to a motivational audio track
  • Daily Exercise 2: Practice gratefulness
  • Daily Exercise 3: Meditation
  • Daily Exercise 4: Fun self-nurturance activity!

Weekly focus Exercises:

  1. Getting in touch with your inner self
  2. Lighten your load!
  3. Create your vision
  4. Celebrate!


What’s in it:

Mindtracks are short (2-5 minute) audio tracks that use binaural beats technology alongside affirmation techniques to help condition your mind for change and progress.

All you need to do is listen in a quiet place with a pair of headphones to the relevant track. It sounds like music in the background with positive present tense phrases being repeated over the music.

Titles of the Mindtracks included:

  • Abundant Wealth Mindtrack
  • The Love and Happiness Mindtrack
  • Wealth Attraction Mindtrack
  • Health & Vitality Mindtrack
  • Endless Abundance Mindtrack
  • Love Mindtrack
  • Romance Mindtrack
  • Weight Loss Mindtrack

Chapter Recap Videos

Chapter Recap Videos Screenshot

The chapter recap videos are approx 15 minute long videos that summarise each chapter in the book.

The two hosts (Mark Ling and Brooke Ryan) outline the chapter, highlight any important points, give their own perspectives (including stories and real-life accounts) on the issues and ideas brought up in the chapter.

The only chapters not individually summarized are in part 5 which has one video for all three chapters.

Bonus Books

How to Reboot Your Metabolism

This bonus is an insiders guide to healthy weight loss. This is a simple to understand, straightforward resource for anyone who is experiencing issues around excess weight, or confusion around how diet, food and lifestyle play in your body and health.


  • How to Reboot Your Metabolism
  • How Metabolism Works
  • It’s All About the RIGHT Foods
  • How MUCH to Eat?
  • Get Some Exercise
  • Other Good Stuff for Your Metabolism
  • 10 Common Challenges to Your New Lifestyle and How to Overcome Them
  • Conclusion

The Powerhouse Guide for Health, Vitality and Disease Reversal

This bonus is about the connection between manifestation and health. Information-rich, it delves into how the mind and the body work in tune and how you can use one to help the other.


  • The Powerhouse Guide for Health, Vitality and Disease Reversal:
  • The Mind and the Body are Closely Linked
  • Manifesting Health and Wellness
  • Manifestation through Meditation
  • Conclusion

My Progress

The main progress that I have made is in the area of making better choices. I am not sure exactly how, but I tend to plan things more now after using Manifestation Miracle.

For example, I have young children so it’s important to me that dinner is ready on time at 5.30. To do this I now have realized that I need to leave work at 4. If the kids don’t eat at 5.30, they eat junk food and there’s a whole host of issues that come with that (not going to bed on time is a big one).

This is no small feat, although it sounds mundane. Because when the kids go to bed on time, that means I get more time for my pursuits and goals. And when that happens I am generally a more happier person to be around.

Also, I have kept a gratefulness journal since doing the program, and although I only jot down 3 things per day, it does make me feel better. It reminds me of the choices that I have already made and what they have done for me.

In Summary

The first thing I’d say about Manifestation Miracle is that I found it quite enjoyable. It’s probably not what you might think is important (like results) but it does help you stay with a program which can make all the difference.

When I went through the program, I read the ebook and watched the videos after each chapter. Then listened again to the ebook in the car after that.

I guess what one of the best things about this program was, was that I felt like the exercises were proper exercises. What I mean is that people have done these before and they have been refined and they work in the circumstances.

Sometimes in some programs, the exercises feel a bit forced, and like you are the first person to be doing them. That is not the case with this.

As far as progress I have consistently listened to the mindtracks, and done a few of the exercises regularly every day, and it has made me feel better about my situation. No massive life-altering opportunities though.

I am happy to recommend Manifestation Miracle to anyone who wants to make a change in their life. As far as all the manifestation/success/self-help programs I have done it is one of the best. Especially with how simple it is to understand and how thorough it is in its concepts.

It covers all the basics really well. That is really the key takeaway from this review.

You can get your copy, and start your life transformation here.

If you want to contact me about the program and ask me a specific question then I am happy to talk about it.

Financial Affirmations That Get to the Heart of Why You Are Short on Money… (And a Quiz)

Financial Affirmations - A couple are not meeting their financial goals are calculating where their money is going

Financial Affirmations - A couple are not meeting their financial goals are calculating where their money is going

THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT money determines how much of it comes to you more than any other factor. And unfortunately, many of us have very twisted beliefs about money.

Our thoughts are very powerful, and they are capable of producing negative as well as positive vibrations.

I am sure you have read enough of the ‘How to get rich books’, including several by self-made millionaires. You also work hard, take calculated financial risks and are disciplined in your expenditure. However, you are still far from achieving your financial goal. What are you doing wrong? Could it be that you are interjecting all you efforts with your negative thoughts?

Many of us are our own worst enemies because even though we work hard, we have allowed negative thoughts about money to take root in our minds. All our sacrifices and creativity are nullified by our fears and negative affirmations.

The truth is that you create the world that you live in by your thoughts; including the financial world.

The Financial Affirmation Quiz

Below are pairs of affirmations. They are the opposite of each other. Go through the list and think to yourself, which one of these most resonates with me. And in the back of your mind, think about the realities that they produce in the lives of the people who believe them.


  1. It is not possible to grow rich given my life’s circumstances
  2. There is no limit to the amount of money I am capable of earning


  1. The money will make me live a less honest life because it is the root of all evil
  2. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony


  1. I will be unhappy when I get money because it is not supposed to buy happiness
  2. Money is the root of joy and comfort


  1. My education is not good enough. I lack sufficient talent, and I do not even have enough time to earn enough money
  2. I have creativity and energy in abundance. My possibilities are endless


  1. I believe money is evil and all the rich people are wicked
  2. I allow my passions to perpetuate good in the world through my wealth


  1. I believe that poverty is noble
  2. Making Money is good for me and for everyone in my life


  1. I feel guilty about desiring more money
  2. I am open and ready to let money into my life


  1. I do not deserve to be rich
  2. I deserve being wealthy. Being wealthy is my birth right. Being wealthy is part of who I am


How did you do? Did you score more 1’s or 2’s? If you did score any 1’s then it’s time to have a look at why you think this way.


Why People Don’t Meet their Financial Goals

Many of us have created self-limiting beliefs that keep us hostage to our poor financial situation. Therefore, be careful what you allow into your mind. Your thoughts can create for you a cycle of ‘lack’ as well as abundance and prosperity.

A survey by PWC revealed that:

  • 72% of adults are stressed about money, with 22% indicating that they experience extreme stress about money.
  • Many people said that the money related stress includes paying for essentials, having to pay for unexpected expenses and saving for retirement.
  • Further, thirty-two percent reported that shortage of finances prevents them from living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Twelve percent of the respondents said that they skipped going to the doctor when they needed to because of financial incapability.
  • The gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

If we hate money, it will run away from us.

The Power of Affirmations

The good news is that you can change your inner dialogue with positive affirmations. Affirmations retrain your mind and remind you that you are actually worthy of prosperity. Money affirmations will teach you how to carefully ignore your old misguided thoughts and remind you of the universal truth. Using affirmation will attract wealth into your life.

Many of us have been doing the exact opposite. We dwell on what we do not have. We train our thoughts on lack and dwell on our financial problems. As a result, we are struggling daily to make ends meet. The reality is, by focusing our thoughts on the negatives, all our mental and spiritual energies comply and produce conditions that lead to more frustration and scarcity.

Create your paradigm shift about money now.

15 Powerful Financial Affirmaitons

Money affirmations are one of the most powerful tool you can use to change your financial situation and step into your abundance. You are entirely the creator of your reality. No one else… only you!

Positive money affirmations manifests money, wealth, prosperity and abundance in your life. To help you get started in the directions of manifesting wealth, here are some of the most powerful money affirmations that exist. Use these affirmations consistently, and you will see abundance flowing into your life. You deserve to live a wonderful life.

  1. Prosperity is drawn to me
  2. Money is the servant I am the master
  3. Money is a free-flowing energy that keeps coming into my life
  4. There is no limit to the amount of wealth I can own
  5. I deserve to be rich because I add value to other people’s lives
  6. Lucrative opportunities always come my way
  7. My capacity to hold and grow money expands day by day
  8. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  9. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.
  10. My actions create constant prosperity
  11. I am aligned with the energy of abundance
  12. I am a vault of money. After all my expenses, I always have money left with me.
  13. The universe is the constant supplier of money for me, and I always have enough money to fulfill my needs.
  14. The more I give, the more I receive. The more I receive, the more I give
  15. I am becoming rich

Remember, you use affirmations every day whether you intend to or not. Whatever you say, becomes a reality in your life. Unfortunately, the universe does not make any differentiation between whether what you are affirming will make you happy or unhappy. Take control of your financial situation today and consciously use positive money affirmations to turn your life around. Purpose to heal yourself from negative thoughts about money and use positive affirmations for a better financial life.


The further what you want is away from where you are right now, the more consistent you must be in your affirming.

I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind. It is my right to be rich, happy and successful. Money flows to me freely, copiously and endlessly. I am forever conscious of my true worth. I give of my talents freely, and I am wonderfully blessed financially.

31 Love Affirmations – A Novice’s Guide to Attracting Love into Your Life

Using love affirmations can bring love into your life

Using love affirmations can bring love into your life

“The needs that make us human: To love, to be loved, to be accepted and to be respected.”

Do you sometimes feel like everyone else around you is enjoying a great relationship apart from you? We have all gone through these phases: when we feel like everyone else has figured out how to make relationships work; like we are the only ones who cannot find the right one. Going through repeated breakups, bad dates, loneliness and secret dreams of perfect love.

All of us have an intense desire to be loved. Indeed, the need to be loved is one of the most basic needs of a human being. Many of us associate love with happiness. We believe that we are happy as long as we are in healthy relationships. Romantic relationships are therefore the priority for so many of us.

You might have resigned yourself to single life, even though deep down you still yearn to find love. It is normal to sometimes just feel like giving up. The good news is that no matter how unpleasant your experiences have been, it is still possible to attract love.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the belief that focus on positive or negative thoughts will attract the same kind of positive or negative things into your life. In other words, your current situation is a manifestation of all the thoughts that you have been thinking in the past. The law of attraction declares that we have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Remember, thoughts become things.

“Whatever we can imagine and hold in the mind’s eye we can achieve.”

Every minute, whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, we are acting as human magnets, sending out thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have conceived.

“Life is a blank canvas possibility; you are in control of what the finished pictures could look like.”

Manifesting love and relationships with the law of attraction.

“I see love. I feel love. I am love”

The beginning of attraction teaches us that everything we attract in our lives is a direct response to our thoughts and energies. If this is the case, then we are responsible for the people that we attract into our lives.

To attract your soul mate using the law of attraction, you must first be clear about the kind of person that your soul mate is: caring, charismatic, ambitious, abundant, affectionate, creative, hardworking, etc.

Having done that, it is now time to develop and grow yourself into the kind of person that you would want to be with. In other words, if you haven’t found the right person, it is probably because you are not being the right person. The process of manifesting one’s soul mate is, therefore, an inner journey.

Using love affirmations can help you focus on inviting love into your life
Using love affirmations can help you focus on inviting love into your life

Affirmations and Finding Love

Now that you know how the law of attraction works, let us remind you that our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. Affirmations are positive statements about the desired goal. When said often enough, they can change our habits and behavior and consequently transform the environment and the people around us. Affirmations can help us in our love life.

“What you repeatedly say and think is what you get.”

Below is a list of affirmations for attracting love into your life. Choose the affirmations that appeal to your situation from the list:

  • Repeat them as many times as you want when you have some free time.
  • If you choose several affirmations, it will be wiser to concentrate on one particular affirmation at a time.
  • You can repeat the affirmations aloud, mentally or whisper them.
  • Believe the words you are repeating

The greatness of our minds is that we can think and imagine what does not exist right now and make it a reality. We can transform our loneliness into an excellent company: our unhappiness into abundant happiness. You want love in your life; you want a partner and a beautiful, harmonious relationship; all these are possible. Affirmations will inject confidence and positivity that you need to attract an abundance of love from your soul mate.

31 Love Affirmations

  1. I am ready to give and receive the love that is perfect for me in every way
  2. I am unique, and there is a person who is right just for me, and I am right just for him/her
  3. I have so much to give: I am a wonderful, loving person
  4. I am perfect just as I am and worthy of love
  5. The person that I am looking for is also looking for me
  6. I am becoming the best version of myself, and the past relationships are in the past
  7. The universe is using circumstances and events to bring me the love that I am looking for
  8. My heart is open and ready to love.
  9. I am a magnet puller and I am sending the right energy into the world to bring me the right person
  10. The right person is on the way, and they are worth waiting for
  11. I am attracting a lasting relationship
  12. The love that I seek is also seeking me
  13. Everything I do is bringing me closer to love
  14. The more I desire someone, the more they become attracted to me
  15. Love is attracted to me, and I am, and I am attracted to love.
  16. My inner beauty naturally radiates outwards
  17. I radiate unconditional love
  18. When I meet that special person, everything will just fall into place.
  19. I am filled with the vibrations of love
  20. Love is my birthright
  21. I desire love and receive it in abundance
  22. I spread love and receive it back many times over
  23. I only attract healthy loving relationships
  24. I am willing and ready to let the right man/woman for me to enter into my life now
  25. I open my heart to love, and I trust that true love will follow
  26. I desire love, so I give my love to my soul mate
  27. Everything I do aligns with the vibrations of love
  28. I am destined to be with my soul mate
  29. I am deserving of the love that I receive
  30. Love fills my soul with warmth
  31. I trust the universe will find me my perfect match

A Final Note from Me

These affirmations will help you to turn around the negative thoughts about love running through your mind. When you begin to use them consciously, you will not only start to change your thoughts but your life as well. This is because when you transform your thoughts, you change your vibrations and begin to attract love. With the right affirmations, it is possible to find love; even unconditional love.

“From this moment on, I am attracting my soul mate, and in time to come we will meet and be forever bound in love and light.”

If you’d like to hear more about the science of how to attract love and relationships into your life, then go here.

Otherwise you can contact me here with any questions or queries

Law of Attraction, Money, and Affirmations: Unlock Your True Financial Potential

The law of attraction money and affirmations

The law of attraction money and affirmations

The riches they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of their vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadiness of their faith, and the depth of their gratitude.” – Wallace D. Wattle

YOU KNOW THE TYPE – thousand dollar suits, perfectly pressed. Immaculately polished shoes. Cleanly shaven. They own more than one luxury car – probably several in fact. And a yacht. Or two. They work from sun-up to sun-down. And it seems like the entire point of their existence is to make money. What kind of words spring to mind when you think of these people? Ambitious? Dedicated? Driven? Or do you think they’re greedy and selfish for wanting more?

It’s pretty easy to label people ‘greedy’ for wanting more money. Considering you’ve found my page though, I think you know there’s more to it than that.

When you get down to the core of it, what these people really want isn’t actually money – it’s the freedom that comes with it.

Not just the freedom to go on holidays and drive fancy cars around – but the freedom to pour all their energy into their relationships, family, hobbies, and passions. What they deeply want is the freedom to spend their energy on things that make their life worth living, instead of worrying about their bank balance, working overtime, and then living from pay-check to pay-check anyway.

Whether you want enough cash to last you this lifetime and the next, or you simply want to be able to pay your bills on time, the law of attraction can help you.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Here’s a heart-warming fact for you: you are a child of the universe.

This means you’re susceptible to the laws of the universe, including the law of attraction. And it is the law of attraction that uses the power of the mind to take thoughts in our head and turn them into our reality. If all your thoughts are negative, your reality will be negative too. But if you focus on the positive thoughts and goals you have set for yourself, you WILL find a way to materialize your hopes and dreams. Basically, whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

In its simplest terms, the law of attraction is: ‘like attracts like’. And every single area of your life is governed by ‘like attracts like’. What this means is that you will attract into your life whatever is present in your conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

If you’d like to read more about what some people believe is going on at the level of the brain cells when it comes to the law of attraction, go here.

“So How Do I Use the Law of Attraction to Make Money?”

The fact that there are millions of rich people in this world is no coincidence. Bill Gates did not accidentally fall into a pile of money while going for a walk one day. And Elon Musk certainly didn’t discover an intergalactic treasure chest full of gold during an expedition into outer space.

It’s not just about luck, or being born into the right family, or being an extra special human being. The wealth of a rich person is the result of a mind so focused on wealth and the abundance of it that they are openly attracting more and more of it into their lives. This is the law of attraction – or ‘like attracts like’ – at play.

Many of us don’t see it this way, though. Instead, we are programmed to believe that the rich among us are exceptional in some way. That at their core, they are different to who we are, and therefore, they were always destined to be rich, and we were always destined to be…less than rich.

But remember: everything in our lives is made up of energy – our thoughts, words, and emotions. So too is money. Money is energy. And like everything else, it’s impacted by the thoughts, words and emotions we fuel it with. So, what DO you feel when you look at your bank balance? Are you filled with a sense of sadness, anger or despair because it’s not where you want it to be?

Do you have thoughts running through your head that sound a little like these:

“Oh well, nothing I can do about it, I’m just not a rich person.”

“Oh how the other half live – if only I was born into money like they were.”

If this is the way you think, then you’ve already decided – somewhere along the way – that wealth is something that is reserved for a select few people and not for you. You probably desperately want more money, are stuck on the idea that you lack money and in turn become consumed by this thought process. But all this helps you do is obsess over something you truly believe you can’t have, or don’t deserve. This creates a cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and eventually, actions.

Here’s a sentence to help you figure out how you really feel when it comes to making money:

“I’d love to have more money but _________”

What words did you use to fill in the gap? What kind of excuse do you give for not having the money you want?

This is not a pointless exercise. Identifying your specific negative thoughts around money is actually the first step to getting more. Once you have done that you can replace the negative thinking with positive money affirmations. Those, combined with a realistic, achievable plan, and massive action will set you in good stead to a life of financial fulfilment. I’m going to say it again – like attracts like! So it’s simply crucial that your thoughts start becoming more positive towards money!

21 Affirmations to Attract Money

Whether your plan is to work overtime, or take on another job entirely, retraining your perception around money can have astonishing results. So no matter what your plan dictates you should do, your affirmations need to become a regular part of your day too.

Pick two or three from the list below and say them out loud, and with feeling, every morning and every night. Please note: the words you say are just as important as the way you say them. Your vibration and energy of speech has to match your desire. Here they are, 21 of my favorite affirmations from around the web:

  1. Money, like the universe, is infinite. There is enough for everyone.
  2. I am a magnet for money
  3. I am worthy of making more money
  4. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me
  5. My actions create constant prosperity
  6. I am aligned with the energy of abundance
  7. Wealth constantly flows into my life
  8. I use money to better my life and the lives of others
  9. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money
  10. My income is growing higher and higher
  11. I am a rich child of a loving universe
  12. I have the power to attract money
  13. My bank balance is increasing everyday and I always have enough money for myself
  14. Money and I are friends and our friendship will never fall apart
  15. My bank account worth is always growing
  16. Money is good. Money is energy
  17. Money is in my life just as naturally as eating, drinking and sleeping.
  18. Financial success is mine, I accept it now
  19. The more I enjoy life, the more money I make
  20. My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire.
  21. This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us.

If these aren’t doing it for you, that’s OK. You can find more here and here.

Some Parting Words

You are NOT destined to a life of hardship and struggle – no matter the class you were born into and the sorts of messages that were drummed into your mind from a young age.

You alone are responsible for how much income you welcome into your life. Feel thankful for the dollars and cents you already have. Take happiness and strength from the knowledge that the universe has infinite wealth to offer you.

There’s A LOT of money in this world. So why shouldn’t it be available to YOU? Go on, think about it. Why can’t you have some more (or a lot more)?

I encourage you to distance yourself from your negative thoughts, get a plan together, and let your mind be consumed with your money affirmations. Then sit back and watch the world open up in front of your eyes.

As always, I wish you the best of luck! Thanks for reading this article on the law of attraction, money and affirmations.

31 Health Affirmations and How to Make Them Work for You

Woman feeling happy and fit after doing some health affirmations

Woman feeling happy and fit after doing some health affirmations

YOUR BRAIN IS A POWERFUL ORGAN: it’s always rewiring itself, so you’ll never lose the ability to learn and change.

Those brain cells are pretty incredible too: they shoot messages around so efficiently, that signals can reach speeds of 267mph (430 km/h)! And if you ever got the urge (and the equipment) to measure your brain action while you’re sleeping, you’d find that it’s just as active at night as it is during the day.

That’s because it’s busy pumping your heart, digesting your food, maintaining your blood pressure and much more – all so you can wake up alive and kicking.

Consider this though: in a single day, 70,000 thoughts can pass through your brain. Some of these may be the same thoughts looping around over and over. Others will be new.


Imagine if all (or even a large proportion of) those thoughts were negative. Imagine if you had the same negative thought going around and around in a loop, thousands of times a day.

What do you think would happen?

Let’s break it down.

For starters, thoughts influence your beliefs. The beliefs you have about anything in your life are created over a period of time through a consistent (and constant!) way of thinking. If, for most of your adult life, you’ve thought about how much you hate cooking dinner, you’ll develop a really strong belief that cooking dinner is not a fun activity.

Your beliefs create and dictate your attitude, your attitude dictates your feelings, and your feelings have a huge impact on how you behave. This means that if you think you hate cooking dinner, you’ll probably end up ordering takeaway.

Yep. The brain is a powerful organ. And depending on the nature of the thoughts running through your head, this power can either work for you or against you. Luckily, you have, within you, the ability to influence whether your brain helps or hinders your progress in life.

The Brain and Health

Sometimes we have the desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, but we have no idea where to start. This can lead to what I like to call, a ‘follow frenzy’, where people turn to social media and start following tens (or hundreds!) of health, fitness, and wellness influencers.

While there are plenty of useful tips to be gleaned from people ‘in the know’, there are also many ‘un-useful’, and downright dangerous tips too. The other problem is, filling your feed with images of buff, toned athletes can do more damage than good. Because it’s just too easy to compare your body back to theirs.

These social media influencers lift weights and eat greens for a living, but it’s hard to remember that when you see their abs and immediately want them.

And when looking at these people’s perfect physiques, it’s very easy to remember the less-than-perfect parts of your physique. Like the bits of cellulite on your thighs and bum. Or the round pouch on your stomach that arrived along with baby number 2 (or the beer and tacos from last night’s dinner).

Remember what we said about how thoughts can shape your behavior though? Well, when you start thinking:

“The cellulite on my thighs is disgusting”

Then you’ll start believing it. And you’ll develop a negative attitude towards your legs. And no matter what you do – like going for a run every night after work – you’ll never feel good about your legs, or yourself for that matter.

So what would that do to your behavior? You might stop going to the beach to avoid having to show off your legs. You might stop wearing shorts – even in hot weather. You might stop going out in public full stop! I don’t think I need to tell you that this is no way to live.

What is the Answer?

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s never black and white. Everyone has their own hang-ups, their own idea of the ‘ideal body’, and their own goals.

But one thing is constant no matter what you are aiming to achieve, whether that be to gain or lose 10 pounds: negative thinking is a no-no. Positive thinking is better. Health affirmations (coupled with a healthy eating and exercise plan) are best!

Positive affirmations are designed to penetrate your subconscious thoughts and therefore change your actions, behaviors and attitude. More specifically, health affirmations can increase a feeling of well being and open your mind to making lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking, losing weight, or eating better.

So how does positive affirmations and thoughts bouncing around in your brain up to 70,000 times a day at 400 km/h sound?

Like a pretty incredible way to make the power of your mind work FOR you, rather than against you now doesn’t it?

Health Affirmations – For Eating Better, Getting Fitter and Strengthening Your Willpower

Achieving your idea of ‘health’ may mean you have to eat healthier foods and cut out the processed stuff. It may be that you need to move more. Or it may be that you have to cut out the cigarettes and alcohol. So, I have gone on an affirmation hunt, compiled the best of the best, and split them into three categories: ‘affirmations for healthier food choices’, ‘fitness affirmations’, and ‘affirmations for stronger willpower’.

10 affirmations for healthier food choices:

  1. My taste buds are changing every day – I no longer crave foods that don’t nourish me
  2. I listen for when I am satisfied and full
  3. This food is healing me
  4. I am willing to slow down and take this time to nourish myself
  5. I am so grateful for this wonderful food
  6. I am well nourished in preparation for the day ahead of me
  7. I am worth the time and money I invest in my health
  8. I am so grateful to be choosing food that supports my best health
  9. I have everything I need to help me prepare delicious, nutritious meals
  10. I am willing to take this time to nurture myself

You can find more like these here.

12 fitness affirmations:

  1. Being fit and vital is one of the top priorities in my life
  2. Daily exercise makes me feel alive and powerful
  3. Daily exercise makes me healthy and attractive
  4. Exercise improves my vitality and frees my soul
  5. Every action I take moves me towards my perfect body
  6. Every day I become more agile and lithe
  7. Every day my body becomes stronger and leaner
  8. Every day my body becomes younger and fitter
  9. Every physical activity I take part in, helps me to reach my ideal weight
  10. Every time I exercise I build more muscle and burn more fat
  11. Exercise does as much for my mental state as it does for my body
  12. Exercise greatly improves my positive self-image

If you feel like none of these have quite hit the mark, you can find a heap more here.

9 affirmations for stronger willpower:

  1. I am motivated at all times to do what I’m supposed to do
  2. I am in complete control of myself
  3. Being in control of my actions is the most natural thing in the world
  4. I can easily tap into my willpower
  5. Having control over my impulses is effortless
  6. I have an iron will
  7. I am disciplined
  8. I always keep on going no matter how hard things get
  9. Taking control of myself has given me nothing but success

You can find more here.

Some Final Tips to Help You Tap into the Power of Your Mind – and Use it for a Healthier You!

As I always say – pick the affirmations that resonate the most with you, and align best with what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you’re trying to hit the gym more regularly and refrain from drinking wine every night, then perhaps the following two affirmations would be a good start:

  • Being in control of my actions is the most natural thing in the world
  • Exercise does as much for my mental state as it does for my body

The most important thing is that you feel your affirmations on a deep level – and truly believe in them each and every time you say them.

This can only be achieved if you actually do believe the words you are saying. There’s no point in saying affirmations that you can’t grasp or conceive of. So choose ones that most accurately reflect your life and where you’re at – or create your own.

When you decide to become a healthier version of you – the ‘you’ you’ve always dreamed of being, then the combination of right health plan AND health affirmations will truly take you to the next level. So get your post-it notes out and start writing your favorite health affirmations down. What have you got to lose – apart from excess fat, a smoking addiction, or unhealthy lifestyle?

I’ll tell you what: nothing.

How to Write a Letter of Affirmation: The Only Love Letter You’ll Ever Need

Woman writing a letter of affirmation whilst riding on a train

Woman writing a letter of affirmation whilst riding on a train

THINK ABOUT IT: so much of what we see and hear about ourselves and our lives comes from other people – and this starts from an early age.

During your schooling years, you would have been sent home with a report card at the end of each term detailing exactly what you could and couldn’t do in each subject. And even if you graduated a long time ago and are currently working – you may feel like nothing’s really changed. The only thing is, it’s your employer assessing your performance – not your teacher!

Then there are TV ads and Instagram posts showing off models driving top-of-the-line cars, and wearing nothing but designer threads (or just nothing!).

What does this mean? It means that consciously and subconsciously it is very easy to absorb the message that you are not good enough. That what you have is not good enough. Don’t get me wrong it’s perfectly OK to dream of having more of something (or less!) – but these dreams need to be your own.

They need to be born in YOUR mind, not from someone else’s Instagram account. You should never feel less than because someone else has a bigger house than yours. In fact, you should never feel less than FULL STOP.

How do you gain some distance from ALL the opinions? And how do you realize your self-worth when the world seems so eager to bring you down at every turn?

Two words: affirmation letter.

Woman writing a letter of affirmation at sunset

What Exactly is a Letter of Affirmation?

An affirmation letter is essentially a detailed love letter to yourself.

The idea is to write down what you like about yourself, things that you are good at, and your personal goals and dreams – and then, of course, read it! It helps you to:

  • Focus on all the things that are good about you
  • Drown out other people’s negative voices (and your inner negative voice too!)
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Encourage positive thinking
  • Clearly define your goals and dreams
  • Focus on your positive traits
  • Look at the brighter side of life

Once you’ve written your letter, you should re-read it any time you are experiencing hardship, or feel overwhelmed. And to heighten the experience, you can record yourself reading your letter and play it back three or four times a week. In this way, you are hearing positive things about yourself AS WELL as reading them.

How to write a letter of affirmation – a 5-step guide.

  1. Start by addressing the letter to yourself. If your name is Mary, you should literally write ‘Dear Mary’.
  2. In the first paragraph list the things you like and admire about yourself. Maybe you have a quirky dress sense that you pride yourself on. Or maybe you helped a co-worker out with their workload the other day. Perhaps you gave a homeless person some money? Or you have a great sense of humor? It doesn’t matter what it is, if it makes you feel good about who you are as a person, write it down.
  3. Outline any current challenges in your life right now. Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you wish to lose or gain weight? Or is the stress of job hunting getting you down? The key here is to state any challenges in a confident tone that implies you WILL overcome them.
  4. State any specific plans you have to overcome your current challenges. The point of this paragraph is to determine your immediate next steps. But if you haven’t made any specific plans yet, you can still list the traits and attributes that will help you overcome your obstacles.
  5. Outline your long-term dreams and goals. But instead of saying “My aim is to retire by the time I’m 40 and live in Mexico,” say it like there is no doubt in your mind that you WILL achieve it: “By the age of 41 I will be retired and living in a little hut in Tulum, Mexico.”
  6. Conclude your letter with what you want your lasting legacy to be. What do you want to be remembered for? Say it in such a way that it WILL happen: “I will be remembered for my infectious laugh, sense of humor, and kindness.”

Example of a Letter of Affirmation

If you don’t really like writing, or have writer’s block, the example below can help you. Though this is a specific example, certain phrases in the letter can be directly copied and pasted into yours, or you can simply use this letter as a loose guide to help you structure yours.


Dear Mary,

You know what I love about you? I love the way you really listen. You always give people space to tell you their story – and you never interrupt. Around you, people feel heard and cared for. The other day you helped a mum get her baby and pram onto the train before it took off – you are so incredibly kind and compassionate.

Mary, right now you’re experiencing some issues at work. You feel undervalued and overworked. You’ve tried talking to your superiors, but they have not been as accommodating as you would have liked – and this has created a negative dynamic at work.

You’re going through a difficult time and don’t know what to do. Will you stay in this workplace until your retirement, which is only eight years away? And try to focus on the very few good aspects of your job? Or should you invest significant time and energy into finding a new job for yourself?

It’s a difficult decision. But you need to know something: you are the most organized person EVER, you’re an extremely hard worker, you are a damn good person – and any employer would be lucky to have you. You ARE worthy of a better job – there’s no doubt about it. But if you were to stay in your current one, that would be OK too. Staying is NOT a sign of failure. In fact, whether you stay or go: it’s a sign of strength. Because neither of your two options is easy. Either way: you will survive. You will find happiness again, and you will find a way to enjoy these last 8 years of employment. Because that’s just who you are: a person who gets it done.

You know what the best part is? No matter if you stay in this job or find a new one, you WILL reach your goal of saving enough for your retirement and you WILL remain known as a strong, brave, and caring woman. So go easy on yourself with this decision – it may seem like it’s the be all and end all – but no matter what you choose, you will be OK. Because I believe in you.

Love you always,


The Take Home Message

It truly doesn’t matter how long or short the letter is, how well you’ve written it (you do not need to be a professional writer!), or how insignificant you think your problems are (spoiler alert: if something is making you unhappy, it’s not insignificant). It simply matters that you:

The rest is up to you. This is probably the first time you’ll be telling yourself how amazing you are. Maybe it’s even the fist time you’ll ‘speak’ nicely to yourself – so have fun with it. You deserve this! And more importantly, you need it. Good luck.

Unlock the Power of the Universe with These 19 Spiritual Affirmations

Woman who has shopped for happiness and cannot find it there anymore. May require some spiritual affirmations

Woman who has shopped for happiness and cannot find it there anymore. May require some spiritual affirmations

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


SO MANY OF US ARE LOOKING for happiness and fulfillment in the wrong places – and we don’t even know it. Sure, going on a shopping spree, or buying a new car are examples of things that would bring some level of joy. But eventually, the shoes wear out. And the car loses its shine.

When we constantly look outwards in an attempt to feel happy, it’s almost like trying to pump a tire with a hole in it: at first it works, but the air escaping through the hole quickly leaves the tire flat again. Similarly, the sense of fulfillment that accompanies a new purchase is fleeting: it simply won’t last. Of course, to rectify this, you could keep buying cars and shoes – or try to pump more air into the tire than what is escaping through the hole – but is that really a sustainable way to live?

The fact that you’ve found my website tells me that you know, deep down, there’s more to life than the material items that meet the eye.

Maybe you’ve made your riches and realized you’re no happier now than when you were poor. Maybe you’ve been through a painful break-up and realized that you placed too much pressure on your ex to make you happy. Or maybe you’re in the constant grind of 9-5 working life and just need something else because what you have right now is not bringing you the fulfillment you desire.

No matter what brought you to this point in time, or to put it in other words, no matter what caused your spiritual awakening, the next step is clear. It’s time to embark on a spiritual journey. It’s time to stop looking ‘out there’ for your happiness, and start looking in. It’s time to find out who you really are.


“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer” – Jim Carrey


Throughout your journey, there will be many times you’ll need to draw on the power of the universe, and this is exactly what spiritual affirmations help you do. They enable you to get close to the universe and connect with its higher power so that you can ultimately discover your true self. When you reach this level of understanding about yourself (self-realization), then inner peace, eternal happiness and fulfillment will follow.


19 of the Best Spiritual Affirmations

I spent some time reading and reciting spiritual affirmations, and selected the ones I felt would help my readers connect most deeply with the power of the universe. Here they are, 19 of the best:

  1. I am a child of the universe
  2. I believe the universal force will help me in all that I do
  3. I accept that the universal force is unlimited, therefore I am unlimited
  4. Deep at the center of my being lies the infinite wisdom of the universe
  5. All the energies of the universe are working in congruence with my beliefs
  6. Every day I am becoming a more enlightened being
  7. Connection with my inner spirit brings me constant peace and joy
  8. Every day I thank the universe for what I have
  9. I am always connected to the harmony of the universe
  10. I am at all times connected to the universal spirit
  11. I am divinely guided by the unlimited universal force within me
  12. I am empowered by the energy I draw from the universal force
  13. I am filled with universal power and love
  14. I am guided by the higher power of the universe
  15. I am in perfect alignment with my inner spirit
  16. I am in tune with the perfect vibration of the universe
  17. I am spirit made flesh
  18. I believe there is a higher power working through me which is helping me reach my goals
  19. I trust in the power of the universal force


Some Advice To Help You On Your Way

To start with, pick the one or two affirmations that resonate with you the most – and repeat them twice a day, every day (morning and night is best). After a few weeks it’s a good idea to choose two or three different affirmations so that the process stays fresh and doesn’t become ‘robotic’. You must truly believe in your affirmations and repeat them with genuine sincerity if they are to work their magic.

To help you feel your affirmations on a deeper level, consider coupling them with activities like yoga or meditation. These practices complement spiritual affirmations especially because they encourage us to place an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of our lives over the material. They also help us connect our spiritual thoughts with physical action.

If you find that you’re having trouble feeling a connection with the universe – I understand. The universe is a mysterious, almost abstract place – much of which mankind has never before seen and perhaps never will see. But consider this: We are a part of the universe – it is not a separate entity from us – we are one and the same. The hydrogen in your body came from the big bang – the birth of the universe. The carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen in your body came from a star that died billions of years ago. You are the universe made manifest.


Personalize Your Affirmations

Sometimes you can be reading a book or website and immediately stumble upon an affirmation that resonates deeply with you. Other days you can wade through webpage after webpage of well-meaning words, but just not feel anything. And that’s OK. We are all separate beings with unique pasts, presents and futures. So it logically follows that what works for one – or even millions – may not work for you.

In this scenario, the best thing to do is to create your own spiritual affirmations. You should always keep them short and easy to recite, and write them in the present tense. Here are 3 more important points to keep in mind:


1. Use the words I ‘am’ not I ‘need’ or I ‘want’

Example: ‘I am discovering my true self, not ‘I want to discover who I really am’.

See the difference? You are saying out loud – and with feeling – that you already have or are in the process of getting what you want. In this way, you’re bringing up the feelings and emotions that come with having what you want. Ultimately, you will start to vibrate on that energy level and attract exactly what it is that you want.

2. Don’t get caught up in the ‘how’

Calling on the power of the universe to help you unlock your inner potential can seem like an enormous task. And in some ways it is truly monumental. BUT. If you start thinking about how it’s all going to work, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed. This will open the door to negative thinking, which won’t leave much room in your brain for focusing on your spiritual affirmations.

Instead, put yourself in the frame of mind of already having what you want (see tip 1), and then let the universe figure out the most efficient and harmonious way to bring it to you.

3. Tackle the doubt

As I mentioned earlier on in this post, to say your affirmations with feeling, you really do need to believe them deep down. In fact, the way you say them is just as important as the words you choose. But it can be hard to speak with sincerity when you are struggling to believe them.


For example, if you’re in a rough place right now, it would understandably be difficult to say this:

“Every day I am becoming a more enlightened being” And truly mean it.


The thing is, you probably ARE becoming more enlightened day-to-day, but the changes are incremental, and in the chaos and pain of your current life, you may not feel it. In this case, try to include words that reflect your personal situation, and in turn, make your affirmation feel more genuine:

“Every day I choose to work towards becoming a more enlightened being.”


Have Patience and Don’t Give Up

The world can be a negative place. In fact, some people have pointed out that by the time we reach the age of 18, we have heard 148,000 phrases like: “You can’t do it”, “It’s not worth it”, and “It’s impossible!”

If you let yourself listen to these negative voices, nothing will seem possible. If, however, you repeat your spiritual affirmations out loud every day, stay patient, and let your positive inner voice drown out the negativity, you will find the inner happiness and fulfillment you seek.

21 Personalize-able Affirmations for Success

21 affirmations for success - A woman sitting on top of the world after achieving her goal

21 affirmations for success - A woman sitting on top of the world after achieving her goal

ON THE SURFACE it may seem like we don’t have control over many things in life. After all, it can rain even when we want sunshine. Your train can be late even when you desperately want to get home after a long day at work. And your local café can very easily sell out of your favorite steak sandwich even on the days you crave it the most.

But you can control the most important thing of all: you have the power to choose who you want to be.

You have the power to get what you want out of this life. It may be that you want to lose weight, or make more money, or switch careers – and that’s great. In fact, that’s the important first step – being consciously aware of what it is that you want. Because you can only succeed at something, when you have first clarified what you want.

To actually achieve your goals though, and GET what you want, you need to tap into your subconscious mind.

It’s when the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind are on the same level, you become truly unstoppable.


How do you get the subconscious mind on board?

One way to unlock the power of your subconscious mind is through positive affirmations. The idea behind affirmations is to choose a number of short, positive statements and say them out loud at a specific time of the day. It’s not just about quantity though – quality is key.

It will do you no good to repeat an affirmation over and over again with no feeling, as though you’re a robot. Rather, you need to feel, deep in your soul, that the affirmation is true.

The more you use your affirmations in this fashion, the more you activate your subconscious mind. In turn, this strengthens and clarifies your inner vision and what you want for yourself and your life.

And this deep inner knowledge of what you desire then has the power to shape your future according to your vision. If you think about it, affirmations help you shape and create your future reality from the inside, out.

What are the best affirmations for success?

Like I said above, it’s not all about WHAT you say. So much of it comes down to how deeply you feel what you’re saying, and how congruent (in harmony) it is with you. But nevertheless, you still need the right words!

Here are 21 of the best affirmations for success*:

  1. I am a magnet for success
  2. I am so excited because all of my dreams are coming true
  3. I am a good person who deserves happiness and success
  4. I act fearlessly
  5. The seeds of greatness lie in my mind
  6. Every day I move closer to my hopes and dreams
  7. The vision within me is creating the world around me
  8. Success comes from my mind
  9. I believe deeply that I can achieve anything
  10. I know what I want and I achieve it
  11. I am strong, powerful, and confident
  12. I am destined for greatness
  13. My thoughts create my reality and I am the master of my thoughts
  14. I am in charge of my life
  15. The power is within me – I learn from the past, live in the now, and plan for the future
  16. I see all challenges in my life as opportunities for growth
  17. I am at peace with where I am and I have a strong vision for the future
  18. I realize that success is a result of right thinking and hard work – I excel in both.
  19. Success for me is an ongoing process – after one success I focus on another
  20. I am solution oriented – all problems are solvable
  21. I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

*After some researching, I found these affirmations to be the most related to success and achievement from  here, here, and here. Keep reading below to see how you can personalize them to your particular situation


Putting it all into action

Choose two or three statements that relate directly to your goal and write them down. If success for you is a promotion at work, or a career change, then perhaps statements 1, 4, and 12 from the list above would work for you.

Then think about when you will repeat your affirmations –

  • In the morning right after you wake up?
  • In the car on the way to work?
  • Midday when you need a burst of motivation to see you through the end of the day?
  • Or maybe right before bed so that you can dream sweetly about your coming success?

Repeat your affirmations at your chosen time out loud, and with high energy  5-10 times every day.


Personalize it

If you found yourself really connecting to one or more of the affirmation statements listed above – then that statement is the one for you.

But if you’re after something a little more personal or specific – you can write your own. In fact many people in the field believe that affirmations that stem from your own life and are written in your own voice tend to have the strongest impact.

Writing your own affirmations is not difficult, but there is a special formula involved. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Keep your affirmations in the present tense – live in the NOW!
  • Focus only on the positive – avoid using the word ‘not’.
    • For example, instead of this: “I am not nervous about starting my new job.”
    • Try this: “I am so excited about starting my new job – I’m going to smash it!”
  • Keep them short – the more concise your statement, the easier it is to recall
  • Include actions to help you visualize your success more clearly.
    • For example, someone wanting to lose weight might say: “I can see myself strolling along the golden sandy beaches of Hawaii in a tiny bikini.”
  • And finally, include an emotion – state how you will feel in that moment:
    • “I can see myself blissfully strolling along the golden sandy beaches of Hawaii in a tiny bikini.


Take home points

Affirmations help activate your subconscious mind, ensuring your conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts are pointing towards the same goal. In this way, affirmations help to purify the brain– pushing out any negative thoughts that may have been taking place unconsciously and replacing them with positive ones.

Saying your affirmations out loud 5-10 times every day will help you transform your thoughts into words, and eventually, your words into actions.

So think about what you want to achieve, choose or create your affirmations for success, and tell the universe exactly what you want – consistently, and with feeling. Then go ahead and live your best life.