5 Things You Need To Remember When Manifesting Money and Other Luxury Items in Your Life

Manifesting money - girl saving money

Manifesting money - girl saving money


Are you manifesting wealth the right way?

Many of us are frustrated and on the brink of despair because we have not been able to create wealth despite our best efforts. The common problem is that most of us labor without engaging the power of our minds

Remember, you are living in an energy field; a potential field for realizing your dreams. That field is lit up by the strongest emotions and thoughts that you carry. Your dominant emotions unleash the law of attraction in your life.

Whatever you think about: happiness or misery, love or loneliness, wealth or poverty: the universe will undoubtedly deliver to you.

Where you are in your life financially right now is a result of all the thoughts you have had about money in your life

Those of us who have discovered the law of attraction know that we are responsible for the wealth that comes to us: and that we can also block wealth from our lives.

It is possible to attract enormous wealth by adjusting our thoughts to the provision of the universe. If manifesting wealth is one of your goals, you can tap the power of the universe to make your financial dreams come true.

Five things you need to remember when manifesting money and luxury items in your life

The riches they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of the vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadfastness of their faith and the depth of their gratitude. Wallace O. Wattle

1. You must align your beliefs

Many of us have limiting beliefs that block our financial prosperity. Sometimes, these beliefs are so powerful that they will control our thoughts and emotions, essentially attracting lack and poverty:

  • Some of us believe that we must struggle to succeed.
  • Others think that they are not good enough to be wealthy.
  • Still, some of us were socialized to believe that money is a limited resource.
  • Have you come across people who say that it is selfish to want money?

These kinds of negative beliefs sabotage our efforts to acquire wealth.

Remember, you will always manifest the thoughts that dominate your mind. You must never forget that the universe is faithful, it will echo whatever you think and affirm. Harboring negative thoughts is, therefore, poking holes in your wallet!

2. Rest assured that the universe will never say no!

Jim Carrey, a famous Canadian American actor, was once struggling, trying to make a break in Hollywood. The story goes that once upon a time, he was on the verge of giving up his dream after he was booed off the stage at an open mic session in an LA nightclub.

Jim sat alone at the top Mulholland Drive contemplating the direction of his career. He pulled out his checkbook and wrote himself a check for a massive 10 million dollars and wrote on it, “For acting services rendered.” From that day, he carried the check in his wallet wherever he went.

In 1995, after the success of several blockbuster movies, his contract price had risen to 20 million dollars. Need we say any more!

When you know that the universe has got your back, you will banish the energy of doubt and fear. You will know without any shred of doubt that you are living in your desired manifestation regardless of what is happening around you. In due time, the universe will catch up with your energy and your dreams will become a reality.

The universe will never fail you: your thoughts will always translate into your reality.

3. Remember to have an attitude of gratitude

Everything in our lives happens in our minds before it manifests in the physical. One of the greatest secrets to manifesting wealth is to believe that you have already acquired it. Thank the universe for wealth and luxury before they manifest.

Being grateful removes all resistance and makes it easier for wealth to flow into your current reality with ease. The universe loves an attitude of gratitude.

Acknowledging all the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. – Eckhart Tolle.

Showing gratitude also means taking care of the money you already have. Spending the money that you have carefully and taking care of the possessions under your care will make room for more abundance to manifest.

If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey

Manifesting money - girl saving boyfriend climbing up a rock

4. Remember to commit random acts of money kindness.

Giving to someone who is needy boosts our happiness and distracts us from negative thoughts about money. This raises our vibrations about wealth, increasing the likelihood of manifesting prosperity.

For it is in giving that we receive. – Francis of Asisi.

When you commit random acts of kindness, the energy will bounce back to you. Giving is such a feel-good exercise that will tune your energy of sufficient flow. Giving is sending a message to the universe that you have more than enough.

The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own. – Lao Tzu.   

Do not hoard money unnecessarily. Hoarding money signals to yourself and the universe that you are poor. You will only have yourself to blame if the universe dutifully obliges and ensures that you remain in that state.

5. Remember to leverage the power of affirmations

Your words have the power to renew your mind by eradicating wrong ideas and instilling the right ones.

Positive affirmations change the focus of our thoughts from the undesired outcomes: poverty, lack, struggling; to the desired outcomes: wealth, abundance and prosperity. We can program our minds by choosing to affirm certain phrases and beliefs.

I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me. I am open and receptive to all wealth that life offers me.

Positive wealth affirmations will help you to create a healthy inner dialogue and the right environment to receive abundance.

Now its your turn

None of us is predestined to a life of hardship and lack. We are responsible for how much wealth we accumulate. With so much abundance in the universe, how could you not enjoy all the wealth that surrounds you?

To help manifesting money in your life, be excited about wealth, and be grateful for what you already have.

Rejoice in the knowledge that the universe is a bank that holds unlimited wealth for you. After you have done all that, do not forget to position yourself to receive abundance by using the power of positive affirmations.

“Don’t Tell Us What To Do” – A Lesson in Behavior Change from Government-Imposed Warning Labels

Dont tell us what to do - crowd covering ears

Dont tell us what to do - crowd covering ears

“Why everything that supposed to be bad, make me feel so good?”Kanye West

We all know what is good for us but we keep indulging in harmful behavior: we smoke, we drink excessively, we sleep with our ex, we have an affair, we relapse into drugs, we get that stupid tattoo, and we send the angry, heat of the moment email against our better judgment. We watch ourselves do things we know we will regret even as our conscience screams Nooo!

“To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a person want to go and do that very thing.” – Mark Twain

It gets worse when another person attempts to correct us. Let us get real, our problem is not lack of information. We have plenty of information, but information does not change our behavior.

“For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do, I do.” – Romans 7:19

Cigarette Warning Labels in a German Shop
Cigarette Warning Labels in a German Shop

Cigarette pack warnings

Take cigarette smoking for instance. Despite all the incriminating evidence about tobacco, we continue to burn those butts. In fact, it makes no difference that information on the effects of smoking is placed right on the cigarette pack. WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control requires that cigarette packaging incorporate warning messages to create awareness about the effects of smoking.

However, research shows that smokers ignore these health warnings. Even with the introduction of the health warnings, tobacco firms have continued to enjoy a significant increase in sales:

For instance, at the height of the awareness campaign on effects of smoking in 2008, Sterling’s Market share increased from 5% to 6.1% in four months. A few years later, Benson and Hedges Silver introduced a new slide pack which boosted their sales by 25% in six months and a further 32.5% within a year.

At some point, it was clear that adorning cigarette packaging with warning information was not doing anything in the fight against cigarette smoking.

Enter Graphic Warning Labels

In 2012, Australia introduced new packaging regulations for cigarettes. Other countries are said to be taking steps: Canada, France, Singapore, South Africa, amongst others.

  • No branding of the cigarette packs
  • Plain packaging
  • Confronting photos of smoking-related illnesses.

The results

Research shows that graphic images on cigarette packs do not scare away smokers:

  • Some smokers were angry with the warnings, feeling as if someone was trying to manipulate them; and being too much in their business.
  • Other smokers were found to buy and use slipcovers that come with the package. This way, they avoid seeing the images, regain some degree of control and carry on with their smoking. Some smokers even emptied the cigarettes in a separate container or covered the packets with stickers.
  • Yet, another study showed that smokers distorted the messages on the packs. Some male smokers would be seen selecting packets with health warnings related to pregnancy; while those with eye problems avoided the packs with warnings concerning eyes. It is as if the cigarettes in specific packets had different characteristics.
  • The most adverse finding was pregnant teenagers who smoked to reduce the weight of their unborn babies. They knew the effect the cigarettes would have on their bodies and their unborn babies: they wanted the effect.

Why don’t Graphic Labels work

One study showed that the main reason why the graphic warning labels do not work is that many of the smokers view them as a threat to their autonomy, freedom and choice. Generally, the human being is wired to resist ideas which he thinks are being imposed on him.

“We are striving after what is forbidden, and coveting what is denied to us.” – Ovid.

In fact, the graphic warning labels might just achieve the opposite reaction. The more the smokers perceive that their freedom is being threatened, the more they are attracted to carrying out the threatened behavior (smoking) to assert their independence. The images are seen to depict the government and other bodies which the smokers feel are trying to control them.

“Forbidden things have a secret charm.”Publus Cornelius Tacitus

What do these findings imply?

According to psychology, what is forbidden is always attractive. We are given to reactance. Reactance is motivation to indulge in things, rules, and offers that threaten our choices or limit our alternatives.

As a result, we strengthen a behavior or attitude that is contrary to what is expected. We indulge in prohibited behavior to not only taunt the prohibiting authority but also to prevent loss of further freedom. Indeed, when our choices are threatened, we become motivationally aroused.

“He did not want the apple for Apple’s sake. He wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent. Then, he would have eaten the serpent.” – Mark Twain.

Interesting research  – 2 studies on warnings and how to move towards what we really want

Study 1 – What Warnings Typically Do

Daniel Wegner, a University of Virginia psychologist, conducted the following research:

He put people in a room and installed a tape recorder. The then asked the participants to say out loud whatever came to mind with one caveat; they were not to think about a white bear.

Interestingly, the participants mentioned the bear about once a minute, despite having been told not to think about it. The participants said that they would try all sorts of tricks, but the bear kept sneaking back.

“One should never forbid what one lacks power to prevent.”Napoleon Bonaparte

Study 2 – Deprivation leads to obsession

A study showed that when people were semi starved, they thought about food every minute of the day. Long after the experiment, the participants reported that food became central to their lives. Even when they had enough to eat, they still felt so hungry they could not eat enough.

Any time somebody attempts to prevent us from enjoying something, one of the following happens:

  • We want it more
  • We rebel by reasserting our freedom
  • We get angry at the person curtailing our freedom.

So, do not be too hard on me or condemn me when you see me picking the wrong partner over and over again, when I spend on things that I do not need, when I neglect my body, when I reach for one more drink, or when I procrastinate.

After all, the bad decisions we make can be good for us. They help us to learn from our mistakes. Indeed, they can be the driving force behind those changes that we badly need to make our lives better.

What these 2 studies mean for the rest of us

To summarise the above two studies in one sentence…

It is what we focus on that makes the difference.

Because it’s what we focus on that is what we move towards. These studies put people in situations where they were almost made to focus on what something in particular (the bear and food).

So what should you be focusing on?

Are you focusing on the right things to bring love into your life? or are you unsure of what exactly to focus on. If you are unsure you can use habits to discover what to focus on and how to change your life for the better.

What Matters

What matters is that we keep trying to become better people every day. I wish you well as you seek to live a more fulfilling life. I have to go now. I want to eat that last cookie because I will finally start eating healthy tomorrow. I promise!

You can contact me here at RedesigningtheMind.com/contact

15 Minute Manifestation Review – The Program Finally Explained in Everyday English.

15 Minute Manifestation Review - Screenshot on my Desktop

Note: This article contains links which earn money for this website, at no cost to you.

ARE YOU CONFUSED OR UNSURE about what 15 minute manifestation is, and does?

Even after watching the video and reading a few other reviews?

I was. So to get a better understanding, I watched the video over 10 times. And followed the program to the letter.

This review is my experience and what I think of 15 Minute Manifestation (15MM). But first a quick summary.

15 Minute Manifestation Review - Screenshot on my Desktop
This is a screenshot of 15 Minute Manifestation on my desktop

15 Minute Manifestation (15MM) – In Summary

  • Text – YES
  • Audio – YES
  • Video – NO

15MM in 1 sentence

15 minute manifestation is a 21-day program involving the use of binaural beats audio tracks to help you focus and attract what you want, and stop focusing on what you don’t want.

What’s it all about? (in plain English)

In my mind, there are two questions that 15MM asks and answers.

Number #1 – If we are made up of the same thing (particles), and the things that we want are all the same thing too (more particles) then why aren’t we living the life that we want?

Number #2 – Why are you working hard, learning more and not achieving what you want?

15MM says that the answer to both of these questions is your attention.

The law of attraction says that like attracts like, so you need to ‘fake it to make it’ with affirmations (statements of positive intent) and the like. This is where 15MM is different. It says whatever you focus on you get.

Bu the thing is many of us have a hard time focusing on what we want. We suffer from;

  1. The story your telling to yourself and others
  2. Your limiting beliefs
  3. Your judgments and fear of consequences

These three things together are what Eddie calls ‘the editor’ (and you might also call ‘your subconscious’)

No matter what you learn, and new information you see. The editor edits it and limits what you can do, and makes you focus on what is, rather than what you want. Hence manifesting more of what you already have…

The 15MM program is about helping you tune out the editor, so you can focus on what you want, and manifest it in your life…

15 Minute Manifestation Review - Products in boxes
Although this image shows the packaging for the program, there is no physical version. 15MM is delivered via a membership site. When you purchase the program, you are given access.

The Concepts

There are a few concepts covered in the video that I’d like to explain before you watch it (or rewatch it)

Subatomic Particles and Quantum Physics

According to Wikipedia:

“Quantum (mechanics or physics) is a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles.”

It’s a mouthful, but to simplify it refers to everything on earth being the same thing when you look small enough. When you look closely enough (with a high powered microscope) everything is the same… that same thing is quantum particles.

Binaural Beats

‘Binaural beats’ refers to the phenomenon when your brain listens to two sounds (one in each ear), and turns it into one sound.

When this is done a specific way, binaural beats are thought to reduce anxiety among other things. Small tests have been done on patients who are waiting to go into the operating theatre, and the results have been positive.


According to nlp.com, NLP is:

“NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!”

NLP in my bastardized definition means ‘how your brain talks to you and itself.’ 

Another important thing to note about NLP is that it has practitioners and a community. The size of this community is not huge, id say similar to but smaller than chiropractors.

How is this program different from other manifestation programs?

This program isn’t about learning. There isn’t much in the way of information. The program is about simply changing your brain.

What’s Included – Briefly

  • 1 Jump start pdf guide – a quick guide to show you how to use the program
  • 3 binaural 15-minute tracks
  • 1 bonus binaural 15-minute track
  • 1 optional extra – Manifestation Wizardry eBook – this is a guide to help you understand how the tracks work and why you need to listen to them in a particular order etc. The author call this one an optional extra

Optional extras

  • Money magic
  • Health Extra
  • Relationships Extra

What’s included – in detail

Jumpstart Guide

This contains a brief introduction and information on how to use the program


  • Track 1 – Your Natural State
  • Track 2 – Your New Story
  • Track 3 – Moving Towards Abundance
  • Bonus Track 4 – Deep Sleep Now

The tracks do have an order and a particular way they are played. According to the author:

Track 1

This track resets your mind to think of abundance first, rather than scarcity. This track will tell your mind that you don’t have to struggle to live well.

Track 2

This track helps you create your new story, writing over your old one

Track 3

This track tells your mind to start imagining what your life could be and focuses there.

eBook – Manifestation Wizardry

This eBook is where all the information is. The author deems it optional but I found it helpful so here is a brief summary of what is in it.

Chapter 1 – Real life magic

In a nutshell: This chapter talks about the law of attraction, and how you need more than a resolution to achieve your goals.

Chapter 2 – The law of abundance

In a nutshell: How scarcity can creep into your mind and sabotage your life with negative and self-defeating thoughts.

Chapter 3 – The priming effect

In a nutshell: This chapter is about preparing yourself to live the life you want by changing how you act today.

Chapter 4 – You’re not stuck with the brain you were born with

In a nutshell: How to change your brain and how changing your brain can change your circumstances.

Chapter 5 – The law of attention

In a nutshell: Why your focus is so important and why you’re not getting what you want.

Chapter 6 – Moving forward

In a nutshell: How to reprogram your ‘editor’ and move toward the things that you want in life.

What’s in the Extras?

Money Magic (this is the only extra that I bought. I don’t recommend purchasing it. Scroll further down to read why.)

  • 1 – Fire Your Boss
  • 2 – Streams of Abundance
  • 3 – Become an Action Hero
  • B1 – Every day is a Rainy Day
  • B2 – Giving is Receiving

My Opinion

The Pros and Cons


Simple to follow and do

There aren’t any hard exercises where you think you may be not doing it right. Just listen to the tracks once a day. If you’re after content and new knowledge then this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Most of the new knowledge in this program is in the video on the website. But it does make it easy to do. Simply save the program to your phone, and put it on before you go to sleep for 21 days.

Instant access

it’s a given with digital products, but if you want this program now, you can have it now

No long or boring ebooks to read

There isn’t stuff in here for the sake of it. Which I like. No old eBooks or sales pitches for something else.


Light on

There aren’t many materials. As stated in the previous section. which in one way is good, but in another way is bad. What’s in it is direct and has a purpose.

Hard to understand the theory behind the program

I had to rewatch the video on the website about 10 times to actually start understanding the concepts, which I have detailed in this review. But maybe that’s just me.

My Thoughts on 15 Minute Manifestation

Firstly the actual program. The audio tracks are all put together well and the program is professionally done. Easy to use, follow and do.

On the results side, I think that it’s hard with a program like this when it says ‘you need to believe’. How do you know that you believe enough?

Anyhow, I stuck with the program and this is what happened.

My Experience With the Program…

Week 1

Week one I listened to the first track ‘Your Natural State’ every day for 1 week. I would put the tracks on as I was going to sleep.

The track is a binaural beat in the background with the sound of running water and chimes playing over the top.

I found that at the start of the week it would really take over my mind and that while listening to track, I wasn’t thinking of anything else. It was good and I enjoyed the focus away from my day-to-day.

Later in the week, it took me more time to settle into listening.

I couldn’t say that I ‘saw any results’ other than the fact that my mind has quietened down around the time I used the track.

I have had quite a busy week this week, particularly with work and it has been full on and quite stressful. The thoughts running through my mind are typically to do with work.

Week 2

This week’s track is called ‘Your New Story’ and is a binaural beat with running water in the foreground.

Again I listened to the program when I was about to go to sleep. On a side note, it did cut out any pillow talk between my wife and me which she didn’t appreciate.

I found it hard to concentrate sometimes, listening to the sounds as I lay in bed. My mind is busy. But on the occasions where it does quieten down, it is blank.

I don’t want to say that I can feel it working as yet. But I do feel as though my mind is quieter, at times.

Week 3

Week three’s track is ‘Moving Toward Abundance’, which is more musical type sounds with some chimes (you’ll understand when you listen).

So I’ve completed week 3… do I have one million dollars in my bank account or a mansion? No. I think because of the nature of this product that it is hard to tell what kind of influence it has over you.

On the website, there are quite a few testimonials about ‘bank accounts getting fatter’ which I didn’t experience. No one has come out of the blue and offered me a holiday or a way to make more money. (Although I did have someone take me up on an offer which I did appreciate… I guess that could be related back to this course… or not.)

However, what I can say for certain is that the program has quietened down my brain in a general sense. I also feel that I am a bit more positive about things. Although it’s difficult for me to prove, I feel as though I have more of a yes we can type attitude.

My Recommendation

If you have read this far, you probably know if you still want to take the program or not. However, I will add something into the mix.

I wouldn’t purchase this program if you need it to work for you. For example, you need to make some extra money or you feel lonely and want some companionship straight away.

I would if you are curious about the concept of binaural beats and self-improvement. I can’t see how you 100% be able to prove that this program helped you succeed at what you want in life. It’s quite a vague promise.

As for me occasionally I will listen to the tracks again. I like being able to listen and not have my brain constantly churning over something that isn’t important.

Thanks for reading my 15 minute manifestation review. If you have questions then you can contact me here. Otherwise here is the where you can get your copy.

Quantum Manifestation Code Review – The Pros & Cons, And What’s Inside the Program

Disclaimer: This article contains links which earn money for this website at no extra cost to you, Quantum Manifestation Code (QMC) is the same price for everyone.

THERE ARE MANY QUANTUM Manifestation Code Reviews online. There are two reasons why this one is different.

ONE – I have not only bought the program (see below), but I have also used it.

TWO – I have also bought all the similar programs I could find. You can find those reviews and my thoughts on them on this website. I believe using all the similar products is the best way to give a rounded review.

Here’s an image of the QMC on my computer.

Quantim Manifestation Code - Files on Desktop
Quantum Manifestation Code files downloaded on my desktop

What is the Quantum Manifestation Code (QMC) in One Sentence?

Quantum Manifestation Code is a 7-week manifestation course which references the Bible to shed light on modern-day ideas such as the law of attraction, and living your dream life.

What’s the QMC about?

Instead of being a book or a guide, the QMC is made around a 7-week manifestation program that uses the law of attraction in conjunction with lessons and planned activities to be done every day for seven weeks.

If you have watched the video on the website, you’ll notice that it references the bible. These references continue throughout the program. This is good if your spiritual side relates closely to the bible or if you have been bought up with the bible.

Although this is in eBook format, there isn’t much reading to be done every day. Once you get through the introduction, most of the time spent will be with you and your journal going through the lessons and activities.

To get the most out of the program, you are asked to keep a journal as you go through the process. It’s used as a working out space for you and a place to put your ideas onto paper.

The author talks about getting results before the seven weeks are up. With the nature of this program being action and practical based the more effort you put in, the better the results will be.

It is also important to note that there is a 60-Day full money back guarantee. The payment process is not handled by Benjamin Malcom (the author of QMC) but the different company (Clickbank).

Quantum Manifestation Code (QMC) in Summary:

  • Ebook YES
  • Video NO
  • Audio NO
Quantum Manifestation Code Review - Books and CDs
Although the physical versions are shown here, the product is offered as an instant digital download only. Although it is in a printable format.

What’s in It? (What You Get)

  • 7-week program – in eBooks
  • Bonus – 2 Powernap audio tracks
  • Unadvertised bonus – Manifesting with God

(I did not purchase any of the extras that were on offer, this list is the basic program)

The PROS of the QMC:

PRO – References to the Bible

The Quantum Manifestation Code relates living the life of your dreams to the text in the bible. If you were bought up with the bible then this is definitely a good thing. You can see how the bible tells us how we can live the life of our dreams.

If you were bought up with the bible being all ‘fire and brimstone’ then this is a great way to rethink those old negative connections. The quotes show you how Jesus and his disciples want you to live your best life, a life full of what you want.

This can be a little confronting for some people. Thinking that the bible is about ‘going without’ and helping others before yourself. But the QMC shows that it doesn’t have to be this way. And in fact that helping yourself can help others at the same time, and live in line with Christianity and Jesus’ teachings.

PRO – 7 weeks of Practical Exercises

There is something different to work on every day. Whether it’s planning, clarifying or transforming yourself you will be working towards bettering your life by simply going through the course every day.

This is great if you’re not sure what to do next or you feel like your life need some direction. It is a real guiding hand to help move you forwards your way.

PRO – It isn’t Preachy

I was a little worried when I purchased QMC that I was going to get lectured at. The good news is that there isn’t any ‘your wrong’ or ‘you should have done this’ in the course. It’s a great way to turn over a new leaf.

Some of the tasks will help you really focus and find what you are looking for. It’s about planning for the future and living in the now. Not blaming the past.


CON – eBook Only

There is no audio or video with the course. Not a problem if you prefer to read the ebook, but if you like to listen to things in the car, or watch videos then your not going to get it here. In this way, the course does feel a bit one dimensional.

CON – A Little ‘Wordy’

I caught myself a few times re-reading sentences. Although the author (Benjamin Malcolm) is personable and does speak in a friendly tone.

Also, some of the references I wasn’t sure about. For example: (taken from week 3, page 8)

“All guilt isn’t bad. If you didn’t feed the kids last night and feel a little guilty, well, that’s a good thing. The guilty nudge that says you really should have fed the kids is appropriate. It tells you that you need to feed the kids.”

It’s not that it’s a bad example, I would feel guilt in that situation. However, it just seems a bit odd to me. Personally, if I didn’t feed my kids they’d go and help themselves. And if there wasn’t any food in the house they’d let me know about it. I am not going to forget to feed them, which is maybe implied in this example.

CON – Exercises Can Seem a Little Repetitive and Sometimes Vauge

Not always but some of the tasks in the QMC go like this…

  1. It asks you to identify the general problem, (i.e. you don’t have enough time)
  2. Then it asks you to list out everything involved (i.e. your daily tasks)
  3. Then it gets you to make decisions. (i.e. give less time to watching television)

All this is good but that isn’t always going to solve the problem. There are reasons why people watch television, or eat junk food that isn’t as simple as ‘convenience’ and because ‘they are the best options available’.

It felt like I was getting ready to analyze and fix my life but then it doesn’t give me the right tools to get to the bottom of the real issues. It left me feeling a little empty and not taking it as serious.

Also, I found that being prompted like this, the appropriate answer didn’t necessarily come to mind. I guess this is where I felt a little letdown.

Who the QMC is Not for:

  • People unfamiliar with the bible – there are other similar manifestation programs that don’t use the bible which you will find more relevant.
  • People who don’t want to read – there is only eBook, no audio or video version
  • People who don’t want to ‘wait’ – if you can’t put in 7 weeks then this program won’t help you

QMC rumors

THERE IS NO DISCOUNT. I see other reviews offering a discount which is not true. It’s $47 for you, me (Yes, I paid $47), the President and everyone else.

QMC Course Outline

Week 1

In a Nutshell: Understanding the law of attraction, how to attract something in your life and why you might be foiling your own attempts at attracting the life you want


  1. Loving Yourself
  2. Gratitude
  3. An Authentic Life
  4. Giving Freely
  5. Release Your Inner Creativity

Weekend Review: Enhancing Vibrations

Week 2

In a Nutshell: Clearing your physical space and making way for the life you want to live


  1. Clear Out the Junk
  2. Clean Up the Digital Chaos
  3. Declutter Your Health Habits
  4. Rethink Your Relationships
  5. Release the Negative Energy

Weekend Review: Dream!

Week 3

In a Nutshell:  Clearing your mind and negativity out of your life


  1. Make Peace with the Past
  2. Conquer Your Fears
  3. Tackle Your Anxiety
  4. Overcome the Guilt
  5. Love Yourself

Weekend Review: Get Out of Your Head

Week 4

In a Nutshell: Suspending doubt and your fear around achieving what you want


  1. Kick the Doubt Habit
  2. Accept the Consequences
  3. You Have to Have Faith
  4. Expect Success
  5. Believe to Achieve

Weekend Review: Fiercely Protect Your Positivity

Week 5

In a Nutshell: Inspired planning and taking action on creating your dream life


  1. Tackle Your Time
  2. Choose Joy!
  3. Quiet the Noise
  4. Heed Your Inspiration
  5. Follow Your Heart (Not Your Ego)

Weekend Review: Taking Inspired Action

Week 6

In a Nutshell: Aim for abundance and goal setting


  1. What Exactly Do You Want (And Why)?
  2. Align Your Values and Goals
  3. In the Long (and Short) Run
  4. Soar with Grounded Goals
  5. Purpose, Focus, and Drive

Weekend Review: Relax and Let it Happen

Week 7

In a Nutshell: Techniques for achieving abundance


  1. Positive Self Affirmations
  2. Learn to Live ‘As if’
  3. Create the Storyline of Your Life
  4. Surrender to the Process
  5. A Final No to Negativity

Weekend Review: Living on Abundance

What I thought of it.

On the whole, I thought it was good. It is well structured and the lessons and tasks are on point with changing your life for the better.

I wouldn’t consider myself religious (although I grew up going to Catholic school) and I found the link between the new ideas of ‘law of attraction’ and ‘manifestation’ and the verses in the bible a real help. If your spiritual side relates to the bible then you will be able to relate.

It would help if there were videos, and audios (to listen to in the car etc.). It would also help if there were some templates and the exercises were better described and defined

Overall I am happy to recommend it, especially to people who are active in their Christian faith. However, if you are not in that bracket, I do believe there are more comprehensive guides to manifestation and the law of attraction.

You can find the Quantum Manifestation Code Here

I am also happy to talk about my experience with the program. You can contact me here.