Quantum Manifestation Code Review – The Pros & Cons, And What’s Inside the Program

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THERE ARE MANY QUANTUM Manifestation Code Reviews online. There are two reasons why this one is different.

ONE – I have not only bought the program (see below), but I have also used it.

TWO – I have also bought all the similar programs I could find. You can find those reviews and my thoughts on them on this website. I believe using all the similar products is the best way to give a rounded review.

Here’s an image of the QMC on my computer.

Quantim Manifestation Code - Files on Desktop
Quantum Manifestation Code files downloaded on my desktop

What is the Quantum Manifestation Code (QMC) in One Sentence?

Quantum Manifestation Code is a 7-week manifestation course which references the Bible to shed light on modern-day ideas such as the law of attraction, and living your dream life.

What’s the QMC about?

Instead of being a book or a guide, the QMC is made around a 7-week manifestation program that uses the law of attraction in conjunction with lessons and planned activities to be done every day for seven weeks.

If you have watched the video on the website, you’ll notice that it references the bible. These references continue throughout the program. This is good if your spiritual side relates closely to the bible or if you have been bought up with the bible.

Although this is in eBook format, there isn’t much reading to be done every day. Once you get through the introduction, most of the time spent will be with you and your journal going through the lessons and activities.

To get the most out of the program, you are asked to keep a journal as you go through the process. It’s used as a working out space for you and a place to put your ideas onto paper.

The author talks about getting results before the seven weeks are up. With the nature of this program being action and practical based the more effort you put in, the better the results will be.

It is also important to note that there is a 60-Day full money back guarantee. The payment process is not handled by Benjamin Malcom (the author of QMC) but the different company (Clickbank).

Quantum Manifestation Code (QMC) in Summary:

  • Ebook YES
  • Video NO
  • Audio NO
Quantum Manifestation Code Review - Books and CDs
Although the physical versions are shown here, the product is offered as an instant digital download only. Although it is in a printable format.

What’s in It? (What You Get)

  • 7-week program – in eBooks
  • Bonus – 2 Powernap audio tracks
  • Unadvertised bonus – Manifesting with God

(I did not purchase any of the extras that were on offer, this list is the basic program)

The PROS of the QMC:

PRO – References to the Bible

The Quantum Manifestation Code relates living the life of your dreams to the text in the bible. If you were bought up with the bible then this is definitely a good thing. You can see how the bible tells us how we can live the life of our dreams.

If you were bought up with the bible being all ‘fire and brimstone’ then this is a great way to rethink those old negative connections. The quotes show you how Jesus and his disciples want you to live your best life, a life full of what you want.

This can be a little confronting for some people. Thinking that the bible is about ‘going without’ and helping others before yourself. But the QMC shows that it doesn’t have to be this way. And in fact that helping yourself can help others at the same time, and live in line with Christianity and Jesus’ teachings.

PRO – 7 weeks of Practical Exercises

There is something different to work on every day. Whether it’s planning, clarifying or transforming yourself you will be working towards bettering your life by simply going through the course every day.

This is great if you’re not sure what to do next or you feel like your life need some direction. It is a real guiding hand to help move you forwards your way.

PRO – It isn’t Preachy

I was a little worried when I purchased QMC that I was going to get lectured at. The good news is that there isn’t any ‘your wrong’ or ‘you should have done this’ in the course. It’s a great way to turn over a new leaf.

Some of the tasks will help you really focus and find what you are looking for. It’s about planning for the future and living in the now. Not blaming the past.


CON – eBook Only

There is no audio or video with the course. Not a problem if you prefer to read the ebook, but if you like to listen to things in the car, or watch videos then your not going to get it here. In this way, the course does feel a bit one dimensional.

CON – A Little ‘Wordy’

I caught myself a few times re-reading sentences. Although the author (Benjamin Malcolm) is personable and does speak in a friendly tone.

Also, some of the references I wasn’t sure about. For example: (taken from week 3, page 8)

“All guilt isn’t bad. If you didn’t feed the kids last night and feel a little guilty, well, that’s a good thing. The guilty nudge that says you really should have fed the kids is appropriate. It tells you that you need to feed the kids.”

It’s not that it’s a bad example, I would feel guilt in that situation. However, it just seems a bit odd to me. Personally, if I didn’t feed my kids they’d go and help themselves. And if there wasn’t any food in the house they’d let me know about it. I am not going to forget to feed them, which is maybe implied in this example.

CON – Exercises Can Seem a Little Repetitive and Sometimes Vauge

Not always but some of the tasks in the QMC go like this…

  1. It asks you to identify the general problem, (i.e. you don’t have enough time)
  2. Then it asks you to list out everything involved (i.e. your daily tasks)
  3. Then it gets you to make decisions. (i.e. give less time to watching television)

All this is good but that isn’t always going to solve the problem. There are reasons why people watch television, or eat junk food that isn’t as simple as ‘convenience’ and because ‘they are the best options available’.

It felt like I was getting ready to analyze and fix my life but then it doesn’t give me the right tools to get to the bottom of the real issues. It left me feeling a little empty and not taking it as serious.

Also, I found that being prompted like this, the appropriate answer didn’t necessarily come to mind. I guess this is where I felt a little letdown.

Who the QMC is Not for:

  • People unfamiliar with the bible – there are other similar manifestation programs that don’t use the bible which you will find more relevant.
  • People who don’t want to read – there is only eBook, no audio or video version
  • People who don’t want to ‘wait’ – if you can’t put in 7 weeks then this program won’t help you

QMC rumors

THERE IS NO DISCOUNT. I see other reviews offering a discount which is not true. It’s $47 for you, me (Yes, I paid $47), the President and everyone else.

QMC Course Outline

Week 1

In a Nutshell: Understanding the law of attraction, how to attract something in your life and why you might be foiling your own attempts at attracting the life you want


  1. Loving Yourself
  2. Gratitude
  3. An Authentic Life
  4. Giving Freely
  5. Release Your Inner Creativity

Weekend Review: Enhancing Vibrations

Week 2

In a Nutshell: Clearing your physical space and making way for the life you want to live


  1. Clear Out the Junk
  2. Clean Up the Digital Chaos
  3. Declutter Your Health Habits
  4. Rethink Your Relationships
  5. Release the Negative Energy

Weekend Review: Dream!

Week 3

In a Nutshell:  Clearing your mind and negativity out of your life


  1. Make Peace with the Past
  2. Conquer Your Fears
  3. Tackle Your Anxiety
  4. Overcome the Guilt
  5. Love Yourself

Weekend Review: Get Out of Your Head

Week 4

In a Nutshell: Suspending doubt and your fear around achieving what you want


  1. Kick the Doubt Habit
  2. Accept the Consequences
  3. You Have to Have Faith
  4. Expect Success
  5. Believe to Achieve

Weekend Review: Fiercely Protect Your Positivity

Week 5

In a Nutshell: Inspired planning and taking action on creating your dream life


  1. Tackle Your Time
  2. Choose Joy!
  3. Quiet the Noise
  4. Heed Your Inspiration
  5. Follow Your Heart (Not Your Ego)

Weekend Review: Taking Inspired Action

Week 6

In a Nutshell: Aim for abundance and goal setting


  1. What Exactly Do You Want (And Why)?
  2. Align Your Values and Goals
  3. In the Long (and Short) Run
  4. Soar with Grounded Goals
  5. Purpose, Focus, and Drive

Weekend Review: Relax and Let it Happen

Week 7

In a Nutshell: Techniques for achieving abundance


  1. Positive Self Affirmations
  2. Learn to Live ‘As if’
  3. Create the Storyline of Your Life
  4. Surrender to the Process
  5. A Final No to Negativity

Weekend Review: Living on Abundance

What I thought of it.

On the whole, I thought it was good. It is well structured and the lessons and tasks are on point with changing your life for the better.

I wouldn’t consider myself religious (although I grew up going to Catholic school) and I found the link between the new ideas of ‘law of attraction’ and ‘manifestation’ and the verses in the bible a real help. If your spiritual side relates to the bible then you will be able to relate.

It would help if there were videos, and audios (to listen to in the car etc.). It would also help if there were some templates and the exercises were better described and defined

Overall I am happy to recommend it, especially to people who are active in their Christian faith. However, if you are not in that bracket, I do believe there are more comprehensive guides to manifestation and the law of attraction.

You can find the Quantum Manifestation Code Here

I am also happy to talk about my experience with the program. You can contact me here.