Law of Attraction, Money, and Affirmations: Unlock Your True Financial Potential

The law of attraction money and affirmations

The riches they receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of their vision, the fixity of their purpose, the steadiness of their faith, and the depth of their gratitude.” – Wallace D. Wattle

YOU KNOW THE TYPE – thousand dollar suits, perfectly pressed. Immaculately polished shoes. Cleanly shaven. They own more than one luxury car – probably several in fact. And a yacht. Or two. They work from sun-up to sun-down. And it seems like the entire point of their existence is to make money. What kind of words spring to mind when you think of these people? Ambitious? Dedicated? Driven? Or do you think they’re greedy and selfish for wanting more?

It’s pretty easy to label people ‘greedy’ for wanting more money. Considering you’ve found my page though, I think you know there’s more to it than that.

When you get down to the core of it, what these people really want isn’t actually money – it’s the freedom that comes with it.

Not just the freedom to go on holidays and drive fancy cars around – but the freedom to pour all their energy into their relationships, family, hobbies, and passions. What they deeply want is the freedom to spend their energy on things that make their life worth living, instead of worrying about their bank balance, working overtime, and then living from pay-check to pay-check anyway.

Whether you want enough cash to last you this lifetime and the next, or you simply want to be able to pay your bills on time, the law of attraction can help you.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Here’s a heart-warming fact for you: you are a child of the universe.

This means you’re susceptible to the laws of the universe, including the law of attraction. And it is the law of attraction that uses the power of the mind to take thoughts in our head and turn them into our reality. If all your thoughts are negative, your reality will be negative too. But if you focus on the positive thoughts and goals you have set for yourself, you WILL find a way to materialize your hopes and dreams. Basically, whatever can be imagined and held in the mind’s eye is achievable if you take action on a plan to get to where you want to be.

In its simplest terms, the law of attraction is: ‘like attracts like’. And every single area of your life is governed by ‘like attracts like’. What this means is that you will attract into your life whatever is present in your conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

If you’d like to read more about what some people believe is going on at the level of the brain cells when it comes to the law of attraction, go here.

“So How Do I Use the Law of Attraction to Make Money?”

The fact that there are millions of rich people in this world is no coincidence. Bill Gates did not accidentally fall into a pile of money while going for a walk one day. And Elon Musk certainly didn’t discover an intergalactic treasure chest full of gold during an expedition into outer space.

It’s not just about luck, or being born into the right family, or being an extra special human being. The wealth of a rich person is the result of a mind so focused on wealth and the abundance of it that they are openly attracting more and more of it into their lives. This is the law of attraction – or ‘like attracts like’ – at play.

Many of us don’t see it this way, though. Instead, we are programmed to believe that the rich among us are exceptional in some way. That at their core, they are different to who we are, and therefore, they were always destined to be rich, and we were always destined to be…less than rich.

But remember: everything in our lives is made up of energy – our thoughts, words, and emotions. So too is money. Money is energy. And like everything else, it’s impacted by the thoughts, words and emotions we fuel it with. So, what DO you feel when you look at your bank balance? Are you filled with a sense of sadness, anger or despair because it’s not where you want it to be?

Do you have thoughts running through your head that sound a little like these:

“Oh well, nothing I can do about it, I’m just not a rich person.”

“Oh how the other half live – if only I was born into money like they were.”

If this is the way you think, then you’ve already decided – somewhere along the way – that wealth is something that is reserved for a select few people and not for you. You probably desperately want more money, are stuck on the idea that you lack money and in turn become consumed by this thought process. But all this helps you do is obsess over something you truly believe you can’t have, or don’t deserve. This creates a cycle of negative thoughts, emotions and eventually, actions.

Here’s a sentence to help you figure out how you really feel when it comes to making money:

“I’d love to have more money but _________”

What words did you use to fill in the gap? What kind of excuse do you give for not having the money you want?

This is not a pointless exercise. Identifying your specific negative thoughts around money is actually the first step to getting more. Once you have done that you can replace the negative thinking with positive money affirmations. Those, combined with a realistic, achievable plan, and massive action will set you in good stead to a life of financial fulfilment. I’m going to say it again – like attracts like! So it’s simply crucial that your thoughts start becoming more positive towards money!

21 Affirmations to Attract Money

Whether your plan is to work overtime, or take on another job entirely, retraining your perception around money can have astonishing results. So no matter what your plan dictates you should do, your affirmations need to become a regular part of your day too.

Pick two or three from the list below and say them out loud, and with feeling, every morning and every night. Please note: the words you say are just as important as the way you say them. Your vibration and energy of speech has to match your desire. Here they are, 21 of my favorite affirmations from around the web:

  1. Money, like the universe, is infinite. There is enough for everyone.
  2. I am a magnet for money
  3. I am worthy of making more money
  4. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me
  5. My actions create constant prosperity
  6. I am aligned with the energy of abundance
  7. Wealth constantly flows into my life
  8. I use money to better my life and the lives of others
  9. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money
  10. My income is growing higher and higher
  11. I am a rich child of a loving universe
  12. I have the power to attract money
  13. My bank balance is increasing everyday and I always have enough money for myself
  14. Money and I are friends and our friendship will never fall apart
  15. My bank account worth is always growing
  16. Money is good. Money is energy
  17. Money is in my life just as naturally as eating, drinking and sleeping.
  18. Financial success is mine, I accept it now
  19. The more I enjoy life, the more money I make
  20. My grateful heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire.
  21. This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us.

If these aren’t doing it for you, that’s OK. You can find more here and here.

Some Parting Words

You are NOT destined to a life of hardship and struggle – no matter the class you were born into and the sorts of messages that were drummed into your mind from a young age.

You alone are responsible for how much income you welcome into your life. Feel thankful for the dollars and cents you already have. Take happiness and strength from the knowledge that the universe has infinite wealth to offer you.

There’s A LOT of money in this world. So why shouldn’t it be available to YOU? Go on, think about it. Why can’t you have some more (or a lot more)?

I encourage you to distance yourself from your negative thoughts, get a plan together, and let your mind be consumed with your money affirmations. Then sit back and watch the world open up in front of your eyes.

As always, I wish you the best of luck! Thanks for reading this article on the law of attraction, money and affirmations.

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