Why You Are Not Reaching Your Money Goals – And What You Can Do About It

Business man tired from working hard but not reaching his money goals

WORKING TOWARDS FINANCIAL SECURITY IS one of the most important goals in our lives.

But what is exciting about money is not the money itself

  • It’s the knowledge that your bills are paid, and obligations are met
  • It’s the assurance that you will not be homeless or lose your possessions
  • It’s the new opportunities that you attract in your life
  • It’s the freedom that money affords: to take a vacation, take time off work, retire early

Money brings independence: from a stale marriage, a depressing job, an uncertain future.

Having your money goals in place means that you already have a vision of what you want your life to look like. The next step is to figure out how to get there. The road to financial freedom is a bumpy one, and if you are encountering some obstacles, you are not alone.

Reasons Why You Are Not Reaching Your Financial Goals

All people encounter challenges on their way to financial freedom. The difference between people who make it and those who do not is that those who eventually prosper take time to evaluate the obstacles they encounter and address them appropriately. The rest of us (who, sadly, are the majority) become frustrated by the hurdles. Eventually, feeling destitute and deflated, we give up and settle into a life of struggle for survival.

1. Your Mind is the Biggest Obstacle

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right. – Henry Ford

One of the most common obstacles to achieving financial freedom is our mind. Many of us have deep-seated beliefs that hijack the acquisition of our financial goals.

One of the beliefs is that money is evil. This belief is not based on any rational foundation. I suspect that this myth is perpetuated by people who try to rationalize their own financial failures. How can money be bad when it enables us to acquire homes, food, health services and most of the good things in life? Some of us are socialized to associate money with greed and wickedness. Money is only a tool that we use or abuse.

Money is good. A good person will do good with money, while a bad person will do evil. A knife shouldn’t be labeled evil because of a few bad people using incorrectly.

Perhaps you are one of those people who believe that there is a shortage of money: How can you think that you cannot get your share of the money when there is approximately $ 41 Trillion dollars in global circulation? We dare conclude that there is a greater shortage of people seeking for money than there is a shortage of money. There is enough money for everyone. What’s more, someone else more ambitious will walk away with your share if you do not claim it.

The most ridiculous, perverted belief, is perhaps, those who believe that they do not deserve wealth. They feel as if money is reserved for specific individuals. What a ridiculous belief! Anyone can get rich. You only need to look around you and you will have enough illustrations to prove us right.

What to do

Change your mindset. Evaluate your thoughts and feelings about money and re-educate yourself on the value of money. The fact is that money is good. It will bring an efficiency to your life that you never imagined.

2. Fear of investment

The key to making money is to stay invested. Suze Orman

In reality, there are two ways of accumulating money: work for it by exchanging our time and effort or put the money we have to work to replicate itself. If you are already putting your time into maximum use, investing is the only alternative you have. Unfortunately, many of us fear investment. Fear of failure is something that we all learn early in life. Scientists even have a name for it; Atychiphobia.

What to do

Break the connection with fear. Rather than allowing fear to paralyze you, find a financial goal that is so important to you, that it is worth the risk and discomfort. Shortly, you will begin to associate fear with the success of your goal rather than the perceived failure.

If you badly want what is on the other side, you will boldly walk through the fear of failure. How about this for starters: Be terrified of being in debt. Intensify your desire to be financially secure.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

No one has achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that is abandoned by February. – Suze Orman

Many of us become frustrated with our pursuit of  goals about money because they are just not realistic. If your goals are outside the range of what is achievable, you will eventually abandon them after a great deal of frustration. For instance, you cannot hope to be debt free in a few months while you live from paycheck to paycheck. Making unrealistic goals is setting yourself up for failure.

What to do

When you set a goal, ensure you can reach the goal in a time frame you set for yourself. Be honest with what you can handle under the prevailing circumstances. Taking time on making progress is perfectly fine.

Also, we suggest that you break up your project into a series of mini goals. Further, break the goals into a series of tasks that will help you achieve them within the time frame.

4. You do not Maintain the Momentum

Every day is a bank account and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, and we’ve got 24 hours each. – Christopher Rice.

The road to riches is not always going to be convenient; it won’t be easy either. Staying out of your comfort zone is going to take commitment. Financial goals such as saving a large amount of money often take time. Failure to follow through is one of the reasons why people fail. Many of us start really well but then become complacent along the way.

What to do

Always commit to keeping going until you reach success. Also, do not allow yourself major gaps so that you can maintain the momentum. Whenever you feel like you are burning out, schedule a break and set a startup date. This way, the break will not be indefinite but part of the journey to success.


5. Do not get impatient with your pace.

Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have beautifully.  – Scott Alexander

We tend always to want to be ten steps ahead of where you are. It is OK if you do not reach your goal at breakneck speed. The important thing is to keep going; no matter how slowly.

What to do

Breaking down your goals into super tiny steps (they should sound ridiculous) and committing to doing 1 per day is a secret of many successful people. A good example is sending one email to a prospective customer. This helps build routine, which helps with your goals.

In Summary

No matter what challenges you are going through, use your current situation as fuel to help you reach your money goals. And keep thinking about the comfortable lifestyle you can have.

Do you have any other obstacles that could be blocking your path to financial freedom? How do you plan to overcome them? Let me know by using the contact page here.

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